Just Got BFP Anyone Else Due Beginning Of Jan

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singlem0m - April 30

Hey all, Well...I was in for quite a shocker when I got BFP on all my prego tests (all 15........j/k) considering I was on the pill. So I'm about to be a single mother (at 23) and I'm a bit scared. I did a due date calculator and it gave meJan 3rd. I was wondering if anyone else is due around that time and would like to be my 'buddy'? I would really appreciate someone going thru the same thing.


amethyst_dragonfly - May 1

singlemom, congratulations! I know that this may be kind of rough for you-- dealing with the pressures of being a single AND young mom. But you and your little one are going to be okay. I'm not pregnant, but I wanted to ask you what your symptoms were/are at the time of your BFP up until now.


SashaP - May 1

Congrats! I'm sorry though that you have to go through this alone. I'm sure you will do fine I have alot of friends that are now single mothers and they have found a way to manage. I'm due Jan 2 so we are only a day apart. How are you feeling?


SashaP - May 1

My symptoms may be stronger b/c I was on clomid when I conceived and I had an IUI. Everybody becomes symptomatc differently I'm very sensitve to everything. I have 2 Dr's appt scheduled 1 with a intake nurse this month where they do all my blood work and 1 next month with my OB to hear the heartbeat and do an exam. I don't have anything else scheduled. I think they will wait till my blood tests come back to see when I need the u/s. My only food aversions right now are chicken and hot dogs. I thought I was craving a hot dog today but I was soooo wrong. I don't think I'll be eating any for awhile.


amethyst_dragonfly - May 1

singlemom, I hope that things go smoothly with you when you talk to the father. It's always tough with situations like this. If I am pregnant (currently near the end of my 2WW) I will be a singlemom as well. The [would-be] father and I have a great relationship; but I know it will be very difficult to tell him. He doesn't even know that I'm going through this. Please let me know if you need someone to talk to.


cchase - May 1

Hello ladies, I am new to the forum, motherhood and all of the acronyms you gals use! :-) I was due to have my period today. This is my 2nd month off the pill and trying. I took an early response test yesterday morning, and had a faint line. Took it again this morning and had a faint line. Called the doctor, went by the lab and gave a "sample" and am currently waiting for the on-call doctor to call and confirm. I hate this waiting. It is driving me nuts. I don't know what to think. Any experience with "faint" lines on a HPT. (That's the only acronym I know) :-) No, symptoms except no period today and a little unusual heartburn/indegestion. Is that a symptom anyway?? By the way: You go singlemom, more power to you!


singlem0m - May 1

Sasha - you will have to let me know how your dr.'s appts go. HAHA thats funny about the hot dog since I had that as a snack. Sounds like you won't be having any more any time soon. Amethyst_ dragonfly - Thank you so much for being there! You don't know how much that means to me. None of my close friends have kids so they have no idea. I'm afraid I don't know what 2WW means????? And it sounds like you might be a bit worried as well, please let me know if you need someone to talk to! Trust me, I understand what you are going thru! Chase - I've heard that a faint line means a positive, so CONGRATS. You'll have to let me know what you find out!


singlem0m - May 1

Oh yeah and heartburn and indigestion is a symptom!


SashaP - May 2

cchase I had 2 days of faint + then I waited another 3 days and got a strong one. I called my dr the first day and she told me a positive is a positive no matter how faint it is. So congrats!!! singlemom 2ww means 2 week wait to find out if your pregnant.


amethyst_dragonfly - May 2

AF showed up today , ladies. So, I guess there's no more waiting for me. Congrats to you all on your wonderful miracles! singlemom, i'm still here for you even if just to listen. email anytime [email protected] Take care all!


Kelly - May 2

Hi guys, I took an HPT yesterday at 13dpo because I felt something different. All 3 tests came back as positive!!! I am due 1-8-07. Or there abouts. Doctor drew progesterone levels yesterday and my first OB appt is 5-30-06. I have had an unusual craving for red meat and I prefer chicken and fish. :) Also cramps like AF and very sore b___bs.


singlem0m - May 2

Congrats Kelly! Thats wonderful news. I tend to be leaning more towards salty, I've noticed that I can't stand anything sweet. I definitely have the AF cramps but the bbs aren't bad at all. Well, I did get my pregnancy confirmed by the dr this morning and I told the father this afternoon. He took it better than I thought and told me he does want to be a big part of the child's life. So I was happy about that. He did have his *jerk* moments since he was going through so many emotions, can't say I blame him though. This one was completely unexpected.


Chris23 - May 3

Hey singlemom, i just got a BFP too! The calculator shows my EDD as Jan 5. Other than some AF cramps earlier in the week, not too many symptoms yet. Hopefully morning sickness decides to skip past me :)


Katherine79 - May 3

Hey everyone, my EDD is Jan. 5. I have had cramps, backaches, and a headache today and my bbs have been sore the last two weeks but they aren't anymore I thought that was weird. I wish they were because it makes me think something is wrong.


singlem0m - May 3

CONGRATS Chris and Katherine! Thats wonderful news!!! Sounds like you girls haven't had it too bad yet. Neither have I and like you Chris, I hope it pa__ses over me :) I haven't noticed that I've been getting hot lately. I'll get really warm, they really cold, etc. Anyone else?


SashaP - May 3

At first I had bad hot flashed. I had them anyway with clomid. But now I'm cold all the time. I'm still doing bbt and it's still high. I don't now why I'm so cold. I've been feeling good otherwise. How is everyone else? It's nice that we are all due within a week of each other.


Kelly - May 3

Hi guys well had my progesterone level tested on Monday and it is 44 which is fabulous my doctor said. Same crampy feeling and sore b___bs with an increase in having to go pee. :) No morning sickness yet but I guess that begins in the 6th week so I have a week to go.



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