Just Got My Nervousness That Won T Go Away

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crystal74 - June 26

i just found out i was pregnant this weekend and now i have this nervous feeling in my stomach that will not go away. what can i do and will it affect the pregnancy? anybody else experience this?


Seredetia - June 26

Honestly, I've been a WRECK since I found out I was pregnant. No symptoms until I actually knew that's what was wrong with me. They say stress may cause harm to the baby, but with the way MY hormones are...it's unavoidable. Just take some time for yourself; a hot bath, a night alone, a nice cool washcloth over your forehead...try your best to relax, but know that some stress will be unavoidable. I hope this helps a bit.


crystal74 - June 26

that does help, thank you. i really try to take deep breaths and relax but it's like a ball in my stomach that won't go away. i don't know what i'm nervous about.


Lala - June 26

I couldn't hardly sleep for a week after I found out. It's understandable to feel this way--it's probably the biggest event in a life-time, right!? As for the worring (sp?), it's just begun. I worry quite alot, and I'm 9 weeks now. Do keep trying the DEEP, SLOW breathing. It WILL help. best to you and your little one!


JB0405 - June 26

HI CRYSTAL!!!! We have spoken on other threads before... CONGRATS!!! I also found out that I am pregnant!! I got the offical word on Thursday afternoon! Please try to relax and take deep breaths... I am very nervous but I know I can't let it get to me, I am mostly nervous about making it past the first trimester, then I will have a whole new thing to worry about. So Crystal, try relax... Lala and Seredetia have given you great advice... I am also taking their advice...


greeneyedgemini616 - June 26

I found you!!! I can't believe it we are preggers at the same time. Just wait till morning sickness hits OMG I am literally Sick of it. I just got home from work and went running to the bathroom. My doc said ginger is supposed to help but the minute I slack off here it comes. I am the most picky eater now and smells really bug me. Just wait till the hormones REALLY start kicking. I am 5 week sleft then I am out the woods for the first trimester. I want it to go faster. Keep me up dated ttyl!!!


crystal74 - June 27

thank you girls. i think i just have high anxiety and there's no way out of it. i used to take prozac about a year ago for it, then i stopped cuz i didn't need it anymore. now it's like since i found out i was pregnant, it came back. but your right, this is the biggest thing in my life. the biggest life experience i'll ever go through. and most exciting. when i'm at home i'm relaxed but when i'm here at work, i have high anxiety. i don't know why. i think i'm just always waiting for lunch so i can eat, that always makes my tummy feel better. hey, i get to hear baby's heart beat july 20th. i'm so excited about that. greeneye, your already in your 3rd month? seems like you just got pregnant a month before me. i'm only "officially" in my 3rd week. i hope all goes well for our ( . ) belly's ::):):):):):)


greeneyedgemini616 - June 27

I will be in my third month in 2 weeks that's when I will be 9 weeks. I don't want to go back I can't wait for the m/s to go away. I left early from work b/c I was throwing up all day. How are your symptoms have you been to the doc yet???


DB - June 28

Hi crystal!! So happy you got your bfp...I was extremely nervous the first few weeks since I had low progesterone and my hcg started off on the low side..but once I saw the little hb I felt so much better. So, I hope you can relax soon, but I know how you feel...


crystal74 - June 28

hello - so my first appt. is july 20th to hear baby's hb. that'll be my first visit to the dr.'s and then i attend a 1 hr cla__s for first mommy's. :) i am excited to hear his little hb. i have been so tired lately, and bbs are super sore and feel so heavy. ouch!!! that's all my symptoms so far. no sickness yet. hopefully i won't get that. i've been trying to eat healthy but then i'm like what the heck, i'm pregnant, who cares. for the most part i eat good. my progesterone 10 days after IUI was 12.8 and my dr. said that was fine. then i hear from these other women on here that that's low. but my dr. wasn't concerned to i'm not. and i wasn't on any meds. so i'm sure it's just one baby, but twins run in my family, so we'll see


greeneyedgemini616 - June 28

My progesterone was 43 when they checked it for pregnancy. Be glad you aren't sick yet but they do say that is a good sign.



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