Just Got My BFP

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sqeekers - June 20

Hi everyone, I have been over on the Signs board for several months, and just got my BFP last night. DH and I have been ttc for 3 years, we tried fertility drugs in the past and it didn't work, and I had just gone on Metformin about a month before I conceived. I really had no idea that I could even be pg this time around, since we weren't trying last month. I had an hsg scheduled for June 2nd so I didn't want to chance it. I o'd on May 26th, and we bd'd on the 20th, so I am amazed. I am worried though since I did have the hsg done. My + was very very very dark though so that gives me some hope. I am calling the docs today so that they can check things out to make sure everything is ok. So far the only symptoms I am having is upset stomach and gassy. I am having to go to the bathroom a little more and I have been a lot more cranky lately. Other than that I feel great.


tritty - June 20

congrats! i hope you have a happy, healthy pregnancy. keep us posted!


Pamela11 - June 20

Hey sqeekers! Congrats! I too just got my BFP last night! My symptoms however are diffrent. My back has been hurting more than usual. It feels like Af is here but its not. Also sorry if tmi but I have been having lotion like cm....are you getting that or no?


Lala - June 20

CONGRATS! Metformin works great--many times within the first month or two!!! LOVE metformin. I, too, got pregnant the first cycle on metphormin, and we weren't ttc either. Wow--6 days between bd and ovulation? Tell your dh he has super sperm (men like that LOL!). Make sure you don't stop the metphormin without checking with your doc. They want you to stay on it for the first part of the pregnancy (preferable until 20 wks). If not, you'll have a high change of miscarriage. NOt to sound scarry or anything, it just seems like the docs don't tell you to stay on it once pregnant, and the natural thing to think is to stop it once pregnant. So, ask your doc. Probably everything will be fine, but now the realy worrying starts--let me tell you, I am now 8+ weeks, and I always worry. ********So, if I am adding it up right, your baby had just implanted in the uterus when you had the hsg. WOW! That was a close call; good thing it wasn't still floating down your tube!!!!!!! Actually you were only 7 dpo when you had the scope, and most don't implant until at least 8 dpo at the earliest. You must have ovulated a couple of days earlier than thought, huh? what do you think? What an interesting situation. I'd like to know what your doctor will say about all of this. BEST TO YOU AND YOUR LITTLE ONE!



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