Just Had First Appt Need So Help Plz

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HannahBaby - March 3

ok this is my second baby. Today was my first appt. After i had the pap smear i saw sum blood on the q-tip and the doctor said that was normal.....so when i came home and peed i wiped and there wasnt blood but a light watery brownish stuff on the tp....has anyone else expierenced this?? The doctor said that its totally normal to spot i just never had this with my first child and would like to hear what yall have to say...thanks!!


cmfqueens - March 3

Yes it is normal. I'm in my sixth week of baby # 2 and the same thing happened to me for about two days. I freaked! then I did some reading and found everything to be ok! So don't stress yourself out too much! How far along are you?


HannahBaby - March 3

i am 7 weeks and 3 days!! Thanks for writting back i was like sitting here going...cmon someone!!!!! i had my first dr appt today and have an ultrasound the 21st...so far away!! my daughter is 13 months old how hold is your other child?


HannahBaby - March 3

anyone else have this same problem???


angelinakai - March 3

I looked it up on this site and there was another post: http://www.pregnancy-info.net/QA/answers-Anyone-pg110669094768/


HannahBaby - March 3

yea thats great but your link doesnt work...Is there anyone out there that had this same thing happend to them,,,,plz help me out here ladies :)


angelinakai - March 3

sorry for trying to help. all you have to do is look it up on the search thing on this site and other threads will come up where peopel had the same problem.


drea - March 3

when i had my first appt my doc said that i may have some spotting b/c of the pap, its totally normal.


cmfqueens - March 3

WOW! Your on a roll! LOL... My daughter is seven.


HannahBaby - March 3

cmfqueens- Wow thats a pertty big gap!! i know i wanted sum answers and sumone send me a link to another post...thanks but not exactly what i was looking for....so when are you due?? im due october 17,06


cmfqueens - March 3

Yes I know Hannah! She will be almost eight by the second baby is here. I had cancer in my cervix at 19 and had surgery done , this left me missing a big portion of my cervix... I was told that my cahnces of having any more kids were slim to none. So this came as a WONDERFUL surprise! I have never taken any birth control in between the past 5 years so we thought it was just impossible. So I'm a high risk pregnancy and will have to monitored to make sure my cervix stays closed. My due date is Oct 31st. (BOO!) but I had a c-sec with my daughter Angel so I will probably have to have another one... If thats the case I will be choosing Nov.1st not Halloween!


HannahBaby - March 4

thanks ladys!! its starting to go away today. CMFQUEENS thats really amazing i hope that your pregnancy goes well!! how old werre you when you had your first child. I got married when i was 19 and had my first when i was 19. i will have my second this october, i will be 21!! my due date is October 17. cant wait


JuJu - March 4

HannahBaby- I had spotting for a couple of weeks during my first pregnancy - and everything was fine. Good luck in your pregnancy!


cmfqueens - March 6

I was 17 when I had my first Daughter. And please call me Crystal! Thanks for your support and good wishes. Same too you. I'm here if you wanna chat.


HannahBaby - March 7

Hi crystal!! I went to er last night with back pain and the er doc was like i dont think that you have a uti but im going to put you on anitbiotics anyways....so now im waiting for my dr to call back because i dont want to take them if i dont need them but now im worried that i might need them.....o i dont know that doctor really made me mad!! Anyways how are you doing??


cmfqueens - March 8

Hey Hannah! Ooo! that sucks uti are very painful and uncomfortable... Well I'm good I went to my Doc's yesterday morning and he said that he thought i was only like 3 weeks along instead of almost 7, so I was like no i think your wrong and he tried to discourage me from going to my v____al ultrasound. He said its to early and i wont be able to see anything! So i told him i think he is wrong and i need to go to see for myself. So I went and I saw the baby and the heartbeat!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so awesome. Inever saw my daughter this early. The baby looked like a tadpole (lol). So how's everything w/u?


HannahBaby - March 8

im good. called my doctor who looked up my ua and said that the ER doc was wrong and no uti. Not that i was suprised because back pain i had no other symptoms and ive had a uti before and they hurt like terrible. I have my ultrasound when i will be 10 weeks. im so excited. i saw hannah (my daughter) when she was 8 weeks. So what did the Ultrasound date you at?? thats strange cause their is such a big difference from 3 weeks to 7 weeks...who knows. i puked this morning for the first time....ew. anyways all is good here. Have you told your daughter yet that you are pregnant? how did she take it? ttyl



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