Just Had First Ultrasound At 7 Weeks What I Saw

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Allie - January 6

Hi All, Just had my first ultrasound. Am 7 weeks today. Saw the gestational sac, yolk sac, and baby!! The heartbeart was perfectly visible and the heartrate was 125, which I was told was normal. Anyone else 7 weeks and had an ultrasound? Curious and want to share experiences!


KGD - January 6

I just had my first ultrasound Tuesday at 7 weeks as well - saw exactly the same thing. AMAZING!


Meena - January 8

Congratulations Allie!!! Hope my ultrasound goes well too!!And thankyou for all your responses :)


Trish# - January 8

I had my first U/S 10 days ago at 5w 1d! I've been undergoing fertillity treatment, though, and my hCG levels were real high so they wanted to see what was going on. They saw a nice sized sac and then a smaller one!! Nurse said not to plan for twins just yet, though. She said the smaller sac was MUCH smaller, and didn't think it would make it. But you just never know. I go in tomorrow for my second scan, at 6w 5d. I hope we get some answers!! FYI, nurse saw the fetal pole in the larger sac last time...I'm hoping for a heartbeat (or two!) tomorrow. I'll keep you posted! Congrats on your good results!


Allie - January 9

Trish, Congratulations on your baby (or babies as it may turn out). That's so exciting! A friend of mine had the same thing, two very different sized sacs on an early ultrasound, and was told the same thing. Fortunately, both babied continued to grow and she has healthy 2 year old twins!! Keep us updated. Good luck!


Teena - January 9

Allie, congractulations, this is my second baby and with my first i didn't have an u/s till i was 18 weeks, any specific reason why many people are having u/s earlier. this is my second pregnancy and i'm debating for testing down syndrome, if i do deciede to take it, i will probably have the u/s at 11-13 weeks. i was just curious to know why i haven't gotten a u/s this early, should i talk to my doc?


Trish# - January 9

Scan showed one healthy bubba! Saw the 2 sacs and fetal pole and the heartbeat! Nurse could not measure how fast it was going just yet, but we could both see it fluttering away on the screen! As for the second sac, it was still small but just big enough for the NP to see that it was empty. She said my body will either reabsorb it or I'll have some minor bleeding and not to be alarmed. I'm alright with all this. At least she didn't see a fetal pole at one point; sac has been empty all along. Granted, there was conception and fertilization, but I'm okay with this, since at least one of them is doing well. Teena--I can only speak for myself but my U/Ss are so early b/c of the fertility treatment I've undergone. It is def. not the norm to get a u/s this early. But if you really want one I bet you could request one...tell your doc it would ease your mind....


Teena - January 9

Thanks Trish, i will talk to my doc about it. I don't mind waiting though. I just want to know the s_x of my baby and i know they can only do that between 18-20 weeks. Can't wait. Thanks again.


Laci - January 9

i had an ultrasound at 7 weeks 3 days and my heartrate was 160. is that ok?


Heather - January 9

TO Allie- So does that mean that the gestational age of your baby was 5 weeks. I have my u/s wed and i will be 5w2d gestational age, i am just wondering if i might hear a heartbeat.


Meena - January 9

Hi All:Allie I went for an ultrasound today in the morning and it turned out that I was running a week behind so I am 6 weeks and 3 days pregnant!The technician was not very friendly and helpful for long time he just kept mum and laterwhen we asked him he just showed 2 pts on screen and said that was baby there!Could not make out much of that.However the heartrate was 150 I am scared is that normal pls help everybody !!


sadone - January 10

Hello- I had my first ultrasound today, at 9 weeks (since last period); and the heartrate was 160 which they said was great! Isn't it amazing to see that tiny little life and it's heart beating so strongly. Wow, I am in awe!


yolanda - January 10

this is my 3rd baby i'm pregnant with and each time i've gone for my first sonogram they could never hear the heartbeat but on the second visit for the ultrasound they can see it and hear it. why is that.


Laura - January 10

Heartbeats between 120 and 160's is fine. Wide range.


Chris - January 10

I had an ultrasound at 7 weeks 1 day and it was 133 (this is my second pregnancy), but with my daughter who is now 2, I had an ultrasound the same time, 7 weeks 1 day and it was 167 so that just shows you how much it can vary!



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