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lawlady72 - January 12

I just wanted to start a thread to talk about the good things about being here. Everyone is nervous and a lot are new to the whole pregnancy thing, but to be honest I am really getting down here. Almost every thread is consumed with what we're worried about (yes I do post on these too) or complaining about symptoms. I have to say that no matter the nausea, weight gain, dizzy spells, fatigue, what have you, I AM THRILLED to be here!!!!!!! I tried so long and had an m/c and now I finally made it. My little family is going to get bigger and I couldn't be happier. For those of you who were TTC for a while, remember how angry you got when a pregnant woman came around you and complained endlessly not knowing you'd give anything to feel her morning sickness or how people asked you relentlessly "so when are you going to have kids?" and you felt like dying right there? Well you made it!!!! Be happy for what you have and keep positive, all those girls you left behind in signs of pregnancy would hate to hear you complaining. So BE HAPPY damnit !!!!!!


stefkay - January 12

lawlady, thank you...I need to be reminded of this! Friends I talk to tell me every day to be positive and I start to feel bad about feeling bad, you know? It's a vicious cycle and I don't want to miss this experience. It is supposed to be HAPPY! I just get to be afraid that the minute I throw myself into it and get excited, start picking out names, etc. (what I did the first time) that something will go wrong and the hurt will be worse. Plain as that. But for today I have to start saying that I am SO BLESSED by this pregnancy, complications and all :-) and I thank God for it.... :-D


jessicaspatherapist - January 12

i agree, thanks for this thread! i love putting my hands on my tummy and just saying "hi baby, mommy loves you"...and just smiling away!!!!!


kristina1980 - January 12

Great Idea. I am very happy to be pregnant. This baby is so wanted, and loved already. I just got my first U/s and seen the little heart pumping quite fast, and doc. said everything looks normal. I am worried too, but thankful for every morning I wake up knowing, the little one is still hanging down there. How far are you lawlady72?


lailadab - January 12

this is the thread i was looking for! This preg has been such an emotional roller coaster for me since i've had 2 m/c's last year that nearly broke my heart... And all through this preg the worry was always there at the back of my mind ... however it is SOOOOO worth it... I love being prego , I've wanted this baby for so long and it feel great to know it's here , WOW! Last week i heard the heartbeat and my heart was leaping out of joy... all i was thinking was " THANK GOD! THANK GOD!!!!" My 4 year old daughter is so excited too and it is heart warming to see her kissing my tummy and asking Jesus to take care of her baby brother os baby sister!


lawlady72 - January 15

Thanks guys, I just kind of felt bad ya know. I mean I was on the signs of pregnancy thread while I was ttc and go back everyday just to read posts and see if anyone gets their BFP and I come over here and everyone is so worried (I think a lot of that has to do with too much internet research) and concerned about their pregnancy, yet they complain about the ms and fatigue, etc. (which should all be good things even if they are annoying at times). I love the fact that I am pregnant. In the back of my head I am always thinking abou the what ifs, but I am trying to push them aside and enjoy this time. So glad others agree. I was waiting for the barrage of negative posts... you know that tends to happen a lot lately. Good luck to you all! Have a very happy 9 months!!!!


lawlady72 - January 15

I am 9.5 weeks and have my next test at 12 weeks. Can't wait to see the baby moving!!!!! Doc said they are usually pretty active by that time.


stefkay - January 15

I will take ANY symptom I can get :-) lol! I am one of those "lucky" few who doesn't hve m/s or much of anything besides bloat and sore bbs--oh and acne! ha! I am so much calmer on the days that I feel c___ppy, quite honestly. I do try to just keep my internet usage to this forum now because I can get to thinking "what if...", then I'm off and googling. I guess it is something that I want so badly, that once I got pregnant, I started thinking, "what if something happens???". I am really having to learn patience in this whole deal, which is something I am severely lacking :-)


lawlady72 - January 15

I understand completely, I actually told my cousin who is due in February "you were so lucky to like throw up everyday" She laughed so hard I thought she'd go into labor. I told her with my DD I wouldn't have known I was preggo if the test wasn't positive.


ChattyKathy - January 15

With my first pregnancy I was one of those that loved every bit of nausea, cramping, whatever because I saw it as a little reminder that I was going to have a baby. I had a m/c with that one in August and here I am again. I remember thinking that I never thought i'd be jealous of my future sister-in-law puking because she's pregnant. Of course I'm thrilled, but its a little hard to act like it when today is one of those bad days where I just feel sick all over, grumpy all the time, ga__sy, bloated. I have yet to get to all the fun stuff like feeling movement or hearing the heartbeat. Maybe then I'll be more upbeat but right now I'm content with complaining.


lawlady72 - January 16

Well then you're in luck there are tons of those threads!!!! :}


margie - January 16

i know what you mean lawlady! i am one of the offenders...not so much 'complaining' at all since i dont have many symptoms of pregnancy other than my lovely swollen painful bbs which to me is a happy reminder that my body is getting ready to care for the baby already for when its born, i had a tad of nausea today and was so thrilled! i guess just like stefkay i am a worryer to the max and internet too much stuff but i have also learned to just stick to this forum. i feel soooo BLESSED that i can get pregnant and conceived, i know the pain of women ttc and who can't....even with all my complications and 'abnormalitys' in this pregnancy i feel very lucky and can't wait til i can stop worrying so much because i feel like im missing out on one of the most important times in my life by not letting myself be happy because of 'what ifs'. thanks cause sometimes i forget how crucial positivity is in life and especially in this adventure of creating new life along with all its uncertaintys


Ella82 - January 16

Lawlady this is a GREAT thread, i tend not to come on the 1st timester board because there are so many women worrying on here (dh actually doesn't like me coming on this board) I usually stay on the signs of pregnancy as i have met so many wonderful women on there who are all so positive. I had a m/c in early nov and now i am 5.1weeks pregnant. Last time i would come on here post all my worries and go searching on the net it stressed me out i use to worry about ttc but worrying about my pregnancy was so much worse and made me feel sick. I promised myself and dh that i wasn't going to do that this time. With this pregnancy i am trying to stay positive and i say a prayer every morning and every night to the Lord thanking him for blessing me with this baby and asking for a healthy pregnancy and a beautiful baby to hold in my arms. It makes me feel so much better!


TamaraAngel - January 17

Being pregnant for most people is a dream come true. I'm thrilled to be pregnant and happily in my second trimester. However, I am glad to read posts from people expressing worries and concerns though, and to offer some support or encouragement if i have some info to share with them. This board, as a whole, has helped me tremendously since i am single and this is my first pregnancy. I have so many questions and i can't keep bothering the nurses (although i do... lol). So many experienced moms have offered me invaluable advice in the past several weeks on this forum and if someone else has questions, worries, fears then i will gladly answer their questions if i can. I can only speak for myself, but the scared to death feeling i have had during the first trimester did not mean i wasn't happy as can be to be pregnant. I have found that being pregnant is the scariest thing i have ever experienced and that fear for me comes from wanting, so desperately, for everything to go well. I agree that "happy" threads are great too... but i don't want anyone to feel reluctant to openly express their concerns either. Just for the record -- i had severe ms for many weeks, fatigue, diarreah, and sore bbs... yet last week i called my doctor's office crying b/c my symptoms had subsided and i was worried something was wrong. As troublesome as the symptoms were - i guess i (unknowingly) LOVED "feeling" pregnant!!! Anyhow - lawlady and everyone else - baby dust, well wishes, and happy thoughts to all!! :o)


lawlady72 - January 17

No one is saying you should not post if you have questions, I just felt like there should be a cheery thread people can go to to escape the worry. Also my doc has advised to stop doing so much internet research because much of the internet tends to give answers about negative rather than also explain that some of these things people worry about can be perfectly normal. I have also had dimisnishing symptoms these last few days and I started doing the internet research and found more things about "could be sign of mc" than anything else. Called doc and she said you are 10 weeks, you are at then end of your first trimester and that is normal, besides symtpoms fluctuate all the time and you can feel great one day and terrible the next, you can have no symptoms in the pm and have a tone in the am. So now I know better. I am just taking it easy until Feb 2nd, my 12 weeks check up. So in the end all I'm saying is that voicing your concerns is not a problem, but remember that there are so many people out there who haven't yet and may never get to the point we're at. So while your stressing and worrying, try to take a few moments out of your day to be positive!


lawlady72 - January 17

PS while it's very encouraging to have you girls post here, I find it a little disheartening that people would actually come to this thread and act like I have some sort of problem because I want to help people stay positive. Hmmmmm, maybe that gives you a little insight as to why I created this thread. Too much negativity.


jeannie123 - January 17

lawlady72- Thanks for this thread! I totally agree with you about keeping it positive. I never posted on the ttc thread, but I would often go on there to see what everyone's symptoms were when I was ttc. I like that we can come here and express worries and get comforted and rea__sured, but it's nice to take a breather and just remember what a miracle is taking place. Ever since high school I've thought that I would love being pregnant and knowing there is a little person inside and it's actually happening now!!! I shouldn't waste time worrying and just enjoy. But I want to thank everyone for answering questions and concerns because even times when I'm not the one who has posted, I am comforted just knowing we are all going through the same thing.



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