Just Making Sure

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tk07 - February 12

h__lo, i just wanted to make sure this is ok, i think it is! i just had my first appt and they did a pap and when i got home i spotted a little, that is common right? my appt went well so i am not too worried, i just wanted to make sure. thanks!


flipthea - February 12

Yeah that's common. I had spotting after the doctor sc___ped inside. It should go away. Also sometimes when you can spot too after getting a v____al ultrasound. How far along are u? Take care.


diem - February 12

I've heard that it's completely normal!!!!


tk07 - February 12

i am 8 weeks tomorrow. i wasn't too concerned, it looked like really old blood too. i had both a pap and a v____al u/s. the hb was at 171bpm! so i am not very worried. how far along are you?


ChattyKathy - February 12

Absolutely normal. Your cervix is very sensitive. There are lots of little blood vessels in there, so when the doctors poke and prod around there it will have a bit of a reaction. If you start spotting brown after the initial spotting, thats normal too!


tk07 - February 12

thanks! that makes me feel better, and hopefully i won't spot anymore but of i do tomorrow atleast i know it isn't the end of the world!


DUESEPTEMBER28TH - February 13



tk07 - February 13

hi! i am due Sept 25th, so judging by your name we are very close! how have things been so far for you?


tk07 - February 15

Hi, incase anyone reads this again... how long is too long for the spotting to last after the pap was done? i had some today (thursday) and my pap was on monday.... thank you!


jen327 - February 15

It depends on the color of the blood. Bright red pink blood means something is activally bleeding, brown blood is old blood. if it was brown it is probably the pap. But you can spot from s_x, lifting, exercise. Just a little faint spotting like that is ok becuase it is the irritation of your cervix. My OB told me when i see that to stop exercising and lifting etc for a few days. I would run it by your OB just to be on the safe side.



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