Just Need Someone To Say Everything Can Be Okay

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firstimemomma - December 7

I'm 5 months pregnant. I'm 36 years old and this will be my first baby. I have battled prescription drug abuse for about 10 years. When i stopped, i met the man of my dreams and got married. I never thought I'd get pregnant. The one vice I have yet to shake is smoking. Prior to getting pregnant i was taking nicorrette gum and lozenges. When i got pregnant i read these were harmful. I cut back to 3 a day. I try to go cold turkey but can't. My amnio came back negative and my ultrasound was fine. I feel so horrible. My doctor told me I was gaining too much weight which is a result of cutting back on the cigarrettes. I was 5'2 118 lbs and now weigh 140. I've been stable at this weight for the last month. I'm depressed which is not normal for me. My mother is telling me horrible things about smoking and the baby and i know she does this to help me but it only makes me nervous. If i could, i would chew the gum once a day and be fine but i feel like that might hurt the baby too. I just wish i could stop. If anything, i just want some mom's that can tell me everything is going to be okay. I feel so alone and can't stop worrying. I know i Need to relax but i just want someone to say that everything will be fine. Please help. God Bless.


amers - December 7

My sister in law was a heavy smoker prior to becoming pregnant. Her doctor advised her to cut back as much as possible but to not quit totally because that could put her and the baby in shock. She ended up delivering over 6 lb very healthy twin girls at about 36 weeks. Just listen to your doctor. They know what is best for you and your baby. I know its hard not to worry but you gotta trust your doctor! Good Luck!!


krissy2006 - December 7

the gum is better for the baby than the nicotine and smoke from the cigarette


mi415 - December 8

I have a friend who couldn't kick the habit either while pregnant and her baby is fine. Would you consider trying hynosis or actupuncture to quit smoking? I know you are trying your hardest and you should be proud of how far you've come. Everything will be okay.


sheenamarie3 - December 8

do not worry too much. smoking is bad for the baby but if your only smoking 3 cigarettes a day, well, its better than smoking a pack. You sound relatively healthy, 140 5'2 is not bad, your actually at a BMI of 25 which is only considered slightly overweight for people who are not pregnant. Yes you may have gained a bit of weight, but quitting smoking does that. It is better to be heart and lung healthy. I think your doing a great job. My fiance has a drug problem, and is trying to quit..he has been battling it ten years as well, its tough. SO kudos to you.


TCM - December 9

I just found out i'm pregnent. I'm almost 33 and a smoker (sort of) . I am a heavy smoker too. About a pack and a half a day. I told my doctor that I would not be able to quit cold turkey, but I have quit in the past using the gum. My doctor said using the gum was fine. Espically better if you use the 2 mg gum over the 4 mg. He said patches might be more dangerous because of a higher level of nicotine. Either way, his reasoning is the gum is not as bad as the smoking. HAVING SAID THAT, I wanted to quit anyway, and have quit in the past. (I only picked the habit back up last June because I had a miscarriage when I was 5 months pregnent, and I couldn't handle it.) So to quit using the gum this time was not a big deal to me -- wasn't a hugh shock to my system. I quit last Wednesday, and have smoked about 6 cigarettes. I would say try using the gum if it works for you. Better than smoking. If you can't handle quiting, have a cigarette. A lot of stress isn't good for you either.


firstimemomma - December 9

TCM, are you currently chewing the gum? If so, how much? I want to use the 2 mg. at least 2 pieces a day. Especially after a meal. any input will be appreciated. Thank you and congrats.


TCM - December 10

Yes, i'm using the gum. I'm chewing it whenever I need it, which is certainly more than two pieces a day! lol I would estimate at the very least 1 piece an hour-- but probably closer to two pieces p.h. I'm going to start here soom exchanging one piece for a regular piece of gum and see how that works. In all honesty, the gum is making me a bit nausious.



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