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kay101 - October 16

AHHHHH I'm only 7 weeks and I've already gained at least 8 pounds. I'm small, but I gained 52 pounds with my daughter and told myself I was going to make sure I eat right this time (even though I thought I did with her). I've barely been able to tolerate food and I'm already packing on the pounds. I already have stretch marks on my stomach, br___ts, thighs, and butt and I hate them! Even though I lost the weight, I can grab the skin on my stomach because it got stretched out so much. It's not really that I mind gaining the weight while I'm pregnant, it's just I hate what it does to my physical appearance long term. I know it's a small price to pay, but I'm young and sometimes I miss looking it :(


Elisabeth S - October 16

dont worry....its easy for me to say, ive never given birth...it's just the process of life....so you are not even eating a lot and gaining weight? weird....so how do some women only gain like, 15 pounds? that seems impossible....like they must be dieting the whole time...as long as your baby is healthy you are doing what is best for the baby. think of your stretchy skin as something to be proud of...like battle wounds, like "look what I did! I did something f***king incredible with this wonderful body of mine!" haha I don't know...just a thought...I'm sure you can get your old body back eventually....hey if you were a celebrity you could get a c-section with a tummy tuck right after! kidding...love yourself, your body is doing something amazing right now....


lisa715 - October 17

I say don't worry about a thing. different heights, body builds, food aversions and all that other junk will play a huge factor in it. My sister had 6 children in a row and then when she finally sat back, she had gone from 6'1 and 180 lbs to 250 lbs!! She started doing Weight Watchers while she nursed the baby. Here's the catch - when you are NOT nursing, you get a set amount of points (say 32 for her) and when she WAS nursing, she got ten extra points (42!!). You need 900 extra calories per day when you are nursing so it is God's little way of helping us out of the weight gain!! i seriously recommend getting into Weight Watchers while you nurse. It's a heck of a lot harder when you are not nursing (i did it and lost 45 lbs but it was sooo hard). But i'm looking forward to next summer when i can use the nursing as a way to lose weight easily! Best of luck and enjoy this time knowing that we're almost completely out of control!!


newlywed0915 - October 17

do you think you could be having twins?


kay101 - October 17

I'm not worried about losing the weight. I think I have an over active metabolism. I've actually TRIED to gain weight before and couldn't do it. I think it just completely shuts down when I'm pregnant. I don't really care while I'm pregnant what I gain, it's what the weight and stretching does to my body. I don't want more stretch marks and stretched out skin. My stomach is flat, but once your skin stretches so much it doesn't go back. And no I'm not having twins, I had an ultrasound yesterday afternoon. I just wan't my tummy to be firm again! LOL well it is firm, it's just I can grab the loose skin.



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