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Donna - October 3

I am 6 weeks pregnant with my first. My husband and I were not expecting this, but are thrilled. My husband owns a business, and has only had it for 1 year (chiropractors office). They say it takes 2 to 3 years to build up a new professional office to the point where you make a good amount of money. We have allot of expenses right now (mortgage, utilities, his stud. loan, business loan,health insurance w/maternity coverage which is a whopping $600/month), life insurance, food....etc.). Anyway, b/c we have such high expenses and he is in a fairly new business I am sooo worried with this baby on the way. We need more money for little things like maternity clothes (eventually), baby stuff for the room, have 2 friends getting married in the next 3 months so thats new outfits and wedding gifts. Then we have Christmas coming up and lots of present buying. AHHH!!! I just dont know what to do!! I needed to vent this, and would love to hear from anyone else who is worried about finances during pregnancy. I dont want this worry to spoil this special time.


karen - October 3

I think finances are probably one of the top worries for everyone who is expecting. Even though my husband & I planned this pregnancy, it's still a life-change. I just changed jobs and took a big pay cut (though it's less stress) and we just spent (and are still paying off) $7,000 on surgery for our dog!!! Yes, we're crazy but he's our baby and we didn't know what else to do. SO everyone's got their own financial problems, but as they say, you find a way to make it work. In your case, it sounds like it may be rough at first, but you'll work through it and do the best you can. Just try not to stress too much about it because the less stress in early pregnancy, the better. Congrats, and enjoy it! God will take care of you.


bean - October 3

I agree. Everyone has his/her own financial issues and everyone's strapped and stressed somehow. But this baby is such a blessing. You have still a good 9 months to prepare. No reason not to cut back on Christmas and weddings. You don't really need new clothes for weddings and gifts don't have to be extravagent. Price out the few things you'll really need for the baby (car seat, crib, etc), and the rest is just "extras". Ebay and Craigs List will become your best friends, as will any family and friends who can hand baby gear down. You will work it out. Just relax and realize its the hormones talking right now. God Bless and good luck!


Donna - October 3

thank you ladies! Your simple words really do help. I know that you just have to think positive about things, and some way....everything will work out. I wish the best to you both!


Amy - October 4

Hi Donna, It happens to me as well that I worry about money. I happened to get pregnant without having a job (we moved to another town), and decided not to look for one because I've been sick and my hubby and me agree that I'm going to stay at home when the baby is born, that scares me because I have worked several years and know I feel we only depend on one salary. My DH suggested that I made a budget for all the baby expenses to ease my mind. I also have weddings this year but I bought a very cute maternity black dress that was on clearance and I only paid $17 bucks, They had clearance at the store I went, so I bought a lot of things very cheap!! I am also planning on baking cookies and putting them in a nice can as a Christmas present, It's about giving love, not an expensive gift. And for wedding gifts, I think an appropiate gift is what you can afford, you can also find very nice things at Micasa outlet and they are not that expensive. And for baby outfits you can also go to outlets or buy items on sale. Good luck!!



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