Just Needing To Vent

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Hopeful3 - December 31

Has anyone had the problem that no one takes them seriously since becoming pregnant? Everyone, including my husband, has been overlooking my opinions and thoughts, saying more hormones have gotten the best of me. To me, it's making things worse when thay are trying to make light of something that really bothers me. The closest I've got to someone taking me seriously, my mil suggested counseling. I have never been a partier, and I like going out, but I also like to leave when I get ready. A few days ago, we went out to eat with a group of my husband's friends. After about 2 hours, I was ready to go. I kept trying to "drop" the hint to my husband, who was clueless. Everyone started suggesting local bars to rendevous at. I am pregnant!!! Why would I even want to go to a bar? Anyway, I declined on our behalf and told my husband I was ready to go home. His friends then started making fun of the fact that I am pregnant and went as far as to say that my hormones have turned me into a b**** because I didn't want them to come to my house to drink either. After we left, my husband and I got into a tiff because he said I was unnecessarily rude. Come on now!! I am pregnant, I was tired, and I was in no mood to deal with drunks!! When ever I voice my opinion, it seems as if my family ignores me because it's SO OBVIOUS it's the hormones talking. I am beginning to feel like I don't have a say about everyday things just because I am pregnant. Has anyone felt this way? I don't know, it may be the hormones, but I feel like I am surrounded by a******* right now. I know this is kind of long, but I just needed to get it out. If I say anything to my family, they will just blame the hormones again. =(


Krissy25 - January 1

Your dh needs a wake up call. This time in your lives is all about you, and what you need not what he wants and if you need to go home to get some rest he should be more than willing. You should try and talk to him when the 2 of you are alone and in good moods and explain to him that being pregnant has a physical affects on the body as well as hormonal ones and you get tired more easly and sick too. Maybe before you go out you should try and come up with a plan on when the 2 of you will leave or if you say something like "Wow, look at the time." he knows it means it's time to go. Don't let your family make you feel guilty b/c the truth is they are the ones being inconsiderate .


aurora23 - January 1

I have been having the same problem as you lately. Just last night as a matter of fact, I work at a hotel so sometimes I have to work seond shift (3-11pm) I wasn't stressing because it's news years eve, I'd be home by 11:30 and me and my bf would watch the ball drop and what not. So I get home and he's not there, I call and he tells me he is at the bar down the road with his "friends". Then tells me to come there, I told him no, I am 6 months pregnant I don't have any desire to be at a bar. Then he (obviously drunk already) accuses me of not wanting to have any fun ever. His idea of fun is going out and drinking and hanging out at a bar every so often, that might have been the case for me too about 6 months ago! This isn't the first time something like this has happened either, the last time it happened I was sitting at the bar, he was ignoring me and some goofy goonies looking guy comes up and starts hitting on me! My bf had no idea, and let me tell you I was PISSED! I just can't get it through his head that there are other things to do that are "fun" besides going to the bar at midnight. And I also hate everything being chalked up to hormones. Everytime I'm upset or emotional it's gotta be the hormones, right?? I don't think so, I would feel the same if I werent pregnant. UGH!! Sorry I had to vent a little also, since we have a little in common here. Good luck to you!


sugar - January 3

Same here. Last night i got upset from something my partner had done but as soon as i got upset he a__sumed it was hormones and starts blaming that and stating he hasn't done anything wrong i'm just emotional. So annoying. New years eve i made it to 1am (almost dropping off every 15 mins) and asked to go home and he took ages to get a taxi and leave then he was snappy with me because we'd had to leave. All our friends who don't know yet (i'm 6 and a bit weeks) even said you should take her home she's tired. I think he thought i was just being a grump cause i was sober but i was so tired i was dropping off and the second i walked in my house i was really sick. Thanks for the vent!!!! xxxx


nola-gal - January 3

So sorry hon! I have actually had the complete opposite experience. My fiance is an angel and my family and friends have been so great. And like you, I don't feel like going out as much, cooking, having company, etc. Everyone in your life should understand and not make you feel bad. You shouldn not demand pampering and special treatment, but they should all be doing it anyway! I am so spoiled right now that I feel really bad about it! Be honest and open with your dh. He needs to know that your feelings are hurt.


Gemini_Girl - January 6

Hiya, I totally understand, all I can say is next time I will try and time it better so Im not pregnant during the festive period haha, im 35 weeks so I have the fact that Im the size of a whale to add to the problem, no clothes fit me, I have terrible heartburn etc I didnt go out very much but my BF was off work and felt in party mode so he wanted to invite friends over (loud guys) for a drink (and for them to stay the night as we dont live near any of them) I just wanted peace and quiet, it caused a few arguements and im glad its back to normal now, plus the closer I get I can use the excuse that I need him available at all times to drive to the hospital if required! Perhaps now your hubby has a few nights out and got it out of his system he might start to come round and settle down a bit and see things from your view after all you made the effort for him!


Hopeful3 - January 6

Thanks for all of your comments. My dh is trying to be better. His best friend has been telling him little things that worked for him when his wife was pregnant, so I give him credit for trying to be more understanding. We have always heard of hormones making women crazy, but never really thought much of it until mine went "off the charts" lol. It won't be forever though, right?!?! Just kidding. Thank y'all again.


HeavenisMine - January 9

Pffft! My fiance used to blame everything on hormones, he would never take my concerns seriously, it made me even more upset which made him say the hormones were out of control. This is the best time to have a really understand friend around. I understand that frustration.



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