Just Over 5 Weeks Pg What Are Your Symptoms

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kristie h - January 17

I ladies i am just over 5 weeks pregnant and i dont have many symptoms at all. The only ones i have are constipation, slight bb tenderness on the right bb, and craving for food but i never know what i feel like eat and i am tired. Just woundering what your ladies symptoms are? Also when does nearly all the symptoms kick in?


Elana - January 17

Hi Kristie! I am about 7w3d and I also have very mild symptoms. My bbs are tender, I have some cramping and lower back pain, I have minimal morning sickness and I'm tired. I do have some food aversions, and like you, I never know what to eat! It's very frusterating. Especially since a lot of the food makes me queasy anyway. I went to my dr. yesterday and he said that some people don't have many symptoms and some people have a ton. I think some symptoms come around 8wk, but that's not to say that you'll get them. Consider yourself lucky! Good luck!


lawlady72 - January 17

I am 10 weeks tomorrow and I actually got worried because my bbs aren't really sore anymore unless I press on them (which my DH volunteered to check them for me LOL). I only get very mild ms and it's never at the same time. I don't really feel as pregnant as I did 2 weeks ago, but I know with my first I had no idea I was until I was like 6 weeks and that was because I tested. I do have one new symptom, I crave weird stuff at night. It's always stuff I don't have around and wind up going to bed cranky because of it. 2 Nights in a row I was dying for an italian hero!!!! Just had to have one. But the urge didn't come until like 9pm so that was kind of out of the question.....


mommysneedlove2 - January 17

Hello ladies! I am almost 6weeks and it seems like I don't have really any symptoms. My bbs aren't really tender unless I really press on them.I heard that if you have had other children then you may not feel as tender as before. As for the morning sickness it seems like its very little and if i do get it it's more at night. I do pee alot though lol :) that seems like the only real symptom.I do get crampy but is this a symptom?When do the real ones come?



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