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JustWantToKnow - October 2

I'd like to ask you all a quick question. Have any of you had IB (implantation bleeding)? If so how did it look, how long did it last? Currently I am 10-11dpo and I spotted once when I wiped this morning, and it was red, but mostly with a brown discharge, and it hasn't happened since. I'm also very crampy with a high CP. Thank you so much in advance for responding!


bumpety - October 2



Just... - October 2

Would someone please answer? I'd appreciate it so much!


Jessica - October 2

Have you taken a hpt? That would be my first advice. I had iplantation bleeding which usually lasts one to a couple of days. What you have described sounds very normal. I also had cramps around this time too. They say that brown blood is old blood probablly from implantation so dont worry. Take a test and let us know!


Just... - October 2

Thanks so much for answering! I'm going to take one tonight. I'll keep you posted. Prayerfully I'll be joining you on this page soon!


Just... - October 3

Well, I took a test last night and it was a BFN, but I'm still a bit hopeful. I didn't spot again yesterday at all-- I was very dry. Then I spotted once today after BD'ing, still brown. Af isn't due for another 3 days so we'll see how it goes. Thank you!


to Just.... - October 3

You probably want to take the HPT in the morning first thing, and I would wait until the day of your missed period to be a little more certain of the results.


Just... - October 6

Hi ladies, first, thank you so much for responding to me. I am still spotting a bit each day, not more than one occasion a day. I went to the clinic yesterday and did an HPT, which came out very very faintly positive. I mean the line was so little it looked like a hair. Anyways, we did another one a few seconds later and it came out BFN. So, the nurse told me to come back in a week if I didn't get a "normal" flow, which I havent. So, I'm not losing hope just yet! Have any of you had strange spotting like this, once a day, and still been pregnant?


val - October 6

I didn't have any bleeding at all, just crampy which the crampiness lasted on and off until about 8 weeks, but I never did have IB.


val - October 6

good luck!


bump - October 6

bumpy bump bump



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