Keeping 1st Trimester A Secret

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TLew - October 13

This is my second pregnancy. I had a m/c in Feb. Im about 7wks. Me and husband are the only ones that know. Am I the only one that is waiting till the end of the 1st spread the news?am I wrong for keeping this to myself? im really nervous.


heather - October 13

hey your not alone lots of people dont tell that there preggo until the 2nd trimester. my sisiter-in-law does the same thing. she said it makes the time go by faster. and she wants to make sure that everythung will be alright with the baby defore speading the news. because after the 1st trimester your chances of m/c is redused my alot. and she haS had alot of m/c. i hope this helps and good luck


K - October 13

My husband & I waited until I was a little over 3 months since I had a m/c back in Jan. It was hard not telling anyone! Good luck to U!


TLew - October 13

Thanks heather and K for you kind words.


Allie - October 13

I found out today I am pregnant after losing a pregnancy this spring - I am not telling anyone until I am out of danger!


Jen - October 14

I too am pregnant and we are not telling anyone other than my parents and 1 close friend until I am well out of 1st trimester. It is sooo difficult. I would like to explain why I look exhausted and bloated and why my moods are all over. I would also like to share the excitement!


Trish - October 14

Hello TL. I am in the same boat. I think I am 5 weeks but cant mention this to anyone esp at work as there is my friend already preggy and we r only 4 in dept. I am scared to tell my boss but scred of m/c too. So only my family know and 2 close friends as they see my pale face everyday and kno something is the problem. I cant wait for 1st trimester to get over so I can let everyone know. Plus I have not been seen by dr or mwife. so i am really nervous for my baby. goodluck to all.


Linda - October 14

I think it is okay to take a mixed approach, i.e. tell some people (close friends, family) and not others (people at work.) I had a m/c in June and I was really glad that a few selected people knew I was pregnant because they became a crucial part of my support during the ordeal. In some ways, I think it is a bit backwards to keep something like this a total secret just in case something bad happens... and then when something bad happens, you're left to grieve all alone! Just my two cents.


Cal - October 14

My husband and I are keeping our preg a secret until the 2nd trimester. It is SO hard, though. I'll be 11 weeks next week so not too much longer. I'm really excited to tell my parents but also a little nervous. My in laws will be thrilled but my mom keeps making comments about wanting to buy a bigger house when she has five years or so! I know she will be happy...she just doesn't realize it. I'm definitely hiding it at school. I go to a conservative college and this is my last semester so hopefully the belly won't get to big too soon. That's why this sight is great! It gives us a chance to tell others without risking anything.


Anne - October 14

I also had m/c in Feb. & another one in July. I am 7 weeks now too. Dh & I are keeping our secret for several more weeks and telling people now wasn't even an option. Not even our parents know, nor will they for 4-5 weeks. I was thinking that Thanksgiving will be a good time, because at that time dh & I hope to have something we are truly thankful for!! ; )


TLew - October 14

Anne - Same here. To wait until thanksgiving. I think that will be a special day that no one will forget. Good Luck..



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