Keeping Pregnancy A Secret From Inlaws Kinda Long

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Meagan - February 27

My husband and I are very young, this will be our second baby. Im only 9 weeks so far. The first time I was pregnant, we were not married yet. During that pregnancy I was very sick and had hypermesis( its when all the pregnant syptoms are extreme, like severe nasea, headaches and everything.) My doc said that it was from stress. I became a litte depressed because my mother in law would tell me horror stories of labor, and all sort of things. Till this day she seems to be in a comptetion with me over motherhood or something. I really love her deep down, but but really don't want to put up with it this time around. By the way I had a c-section with the first, and I want to try for a va___al this time. I was thinking of not telling her about the baby until I delivered at the hospital. Do you all think that I would make our crazy relationship worse than it already is?


Amy - February 27

Look hunny, if you feel she is going to anger you or do anything that would risk ur pregnancy, i wouldnt tell her... other then that... well if you do talk to her and you are in each others lives, then yes I feel you should tell her. maybe not till the 2nd trimester though :-)


cc - February 27

I wouldn't tell her it's your pregancy, but when your pregant it seems like eveyone wants to be pregnant with you by giving unwanted advice


Meagan - February 28

thank you for your replys. I think That we will keep it from her until I feel comfortable. I just know she has a blabber mouth. Like I said on a diffrent post, she types up a paper about every month blabbering about everyones bussiness. She actually sends it out in the mail to all the family members. I always send them back because its just a bunch of gossip. But one of my cousin in laws called me ans said that my mother in law had wrote about her divorce and the cause of it. I think that was going a bit too far. My husban never tells her big things that we plan because its gets out before the next sunrise.


JB - March 2

I don't blame you at all. I have 2 children already and "so far" am pregnant with my third. My husband was actually the first one to approach me and tell me that he doesn't want to tell his side of the family at all, for almost the same reasons. In her eyes, I can't do anything right which not only frustrates me, but also him. Good luck!!



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