Keeping Pregnancy From Cocktailing Buddies

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ezwaggy - May 19

I'm 27, a professional, and I (used to) drink socially with my girlfriends. I'm 7 weeks and have miraculously been able to avoid any situations that might arouse suspicion in my friends that I'm pregnant . I have my first OB next Friday and my husband and I feel very strongly about waiting until after the appoinment before telling family first, then friends. I'm starting to worry my freinds are feeling blown off - I can't pretend I'm sick or just too busy for much longer! When I tell them they'll be SO happy for me, but I'm just not ready yet. Anyone else dodging your social life right now? They will not buy it if I say I just don't feel like drinking - they will guess immediately and I don't even want to be asked if I'm pregnant.


olivia - May 19

Hi, I have a dd now so I am successfully dodging a social life with this one, but when I was pregnant with her I had the same problem. I found if you meet friends out you can get an odules or some non alchohol beer but ask the bartender to pour it in a pint gla__s. Then just sip off it. If friends are really pestering you tell them how hung over you are from the night before (you and your husband, a bottle of wine.....) the hangover lie always works well! I tried to pretend I had a jack and ginger one night but that is how my family found out. They wanted a 'taste'. I was so annoyed! Anyway that is all my sneaky tricks for now! Good luck!


Erynn21 - May 20

I did the same thing when I first was pg. I always have been a bit of a "party" girl, just wanting to have drinks w/ my friends and such. I became pg around the 12th of Dec. 2005 so it was right around Christmas/NewYears that I found out I was pg. I ttried to do the same thing, but my bestfriend figured it out because I was avoiding any social situations, I mean I am a home body in the winter, but to not do anything on NewYears for me that's weird. She knew I was trying to get pg, and then was slightly avoiding her and her hubby(both are 2 of my best friends), she knew something was up. You only have a little longer to go, and if any of your friends are like mine they may start guessing. I'd say try to hold out for a little longer, but if you can't the odouls idea seems like it would work, but if you don't really drink beer that may be suspicious. I was the same way no one would buy the I don't feel like drinking thing, it just wasn't believable for me, good luck. You soon won't need an excuse for not drinking. Happy pregnancy.


write2sarah - May 20

Same situation. We don't want to tell our friends until after two of our closest friends get married (don't want to steal thunder) next week. I just slipped into conversation casually that I am on medication and I can't drink. You could also tell them that you're "trying" so you don't want to drink or be around second-hand smoke. A virgin dacquiri or virgin mary works well too. Good luck!


ezwaggy - May 21

Hey girls, thanks for your responses - just an update: my best-friend handed me flowers yesterday and said she knows I'm pregnant. It was actually really fun to finally be able to talk about it with someone. And she promised, of course, to keep it to herself. The funny thing is what ultimately gave it away: she had been watching our friend's baby the other day (which I did not know) and when I walked into her house later that day I said it smelled like baby. After that she said she knew for sure. At least my family doesn't live near by! Thanks!!


Erynn21 - May 21

It's funny that ppl close to us can sniff these things out. My bestfriend just knew because I wasn't really calling, I was staying home etc...I saw her at the store and acted weird, she asked her hubby if I had called her after about a wk.(we usually talk every couple of days), she told him I know something is up I am calling her and finding out what is going on. I think I almost gave myself anxiety disorder because I couldn't tell anyone and I'm a chatterbox, that was so hard. Well at least you have some of the pressure off, our friends know us even when we think we're being sneaky about stuff. Good luck @ your appt and in your pregnancy, it is such an awesome time. :)



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