Kourtney 5

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BabyMakes7 - October 20

Hoping that you're okay. Am concerned because we haven't heard from you! Please post when you can.


Kourtney#5 - October 26

Hi Friend, I'm so sorry for being away so long I see you girls have been chatting away(glad to see that). I need someone to tell me where exactly are we I see 3 june baby threads. Anyway here's my story: well I went to my 1st doct appt to confrim pregnacy, exam, and blood work u know the whole 9 yrds. Well after the exam I was told he (my doc) couldn't give me a due date, because I was either further along then I think or we were having multiples. So he sent me in for an ultrasound 3 days later. Well at the u/s the tech was not talkative she didn't say anything and when I asked her questions she just said your doc will call and speak to you. She didn't send me home with a pic or anything she kept the screen towards her and I couldn't see anything. She did exam on my belly, and v____al. Well my Doc's nurse called me about 4hrs later and she said she needed to set up an appt so I can get the results. I asked her why can't you just give them to me over the phone. Her response was we can't and besides we don't have the actually results back yet. (I think she lied). So I go back on the 28th of Oct to talk to my Doc. My mom who is an X-ray tech said she is not trying to worry me but she wanted me to know that is usually a bad sign, but to know whatever happens it is in GODs hands. So I don't know nothing and I won't untill tues at 5p.m.


starlight_94 - October 26

I do hope that everything is okay. Good luck at your appt. I think we are all still writting on the part two thread. Well at least I am :)


starlight_94 - October 26

PS. If there were a problem, wouldnt the dr want to see you immediatly t take precautions?? That is how my drs office works. So maybe its not that bad or they really dont have the results yet. just a thought


BabyMakes7 - October 27

Korey, I'm glad that you've posted! OMG about the us and having to wait. I cannot believe that a doc's office would do that to someone! I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers and encourage you to let the doctor know everything that's happened and how awful it's left you feeling. Let us know how you are. <hugs>


overtaken - October 27

Hi Kourtney! So glad to hear from you, so sorryto hear how you are though. your freindliness in starting the june posts really helped me to come and board, I'm glad you're back, and I will pray you'll be back for good, that doc won't have anything horrid to say. I must admit, I am supremely thankful for my midwife though! Bless you, and by the way i think most people have moved to June #2 because the first one was like 7 pages.



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