Labor Delivery Fear

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Julie - March 2

Hi, I am only about 12 weeks and am already scared about the pain of labor and delivery. Has anyone talked to their Doctor at this point about the options? Epidural vs. risks etc? I am 38 years old, so that may be an issue...


citrouille - March 2

Hi Julie, I'm 10 weeks and terrified at the idea of getting an epidural.. But also afraid that the pain will be too great without. All my friends have had epidurals.... not encouraging news for me..


Heidi - March 2

I'd rather go through labor pain for 10 hours than be sick like this all the time. My friend said it hurts really bad but she had to be induced and was in labor for 12 hours. Her third child she said she was just getting period like cramps so she went in and here she was fully dilated and ready to go, so she said that one wasn't bad. They say if you exercise during pregnancy it helps with delivery. I'm counting on it, but I'm not scared of it. The worst I figure is I'll pa__s out from the pain, if I'm lucky, and they'll do a C section. Ha ha! We have a water birth center at our hospital and I heard that's a little easier too. I know it's gonna hurt like hell but it's just once. It's my first one and my LAST! We're women, we can handle it! Men would pa__s out for sure.


ekay - March 2

I had an epidural with my first and was SO out of it they had to tell me when I was contracting. That was a 7 hour labor. With my second, I walked religiously the last 3 months and had a little cramping. I went in and I was dilated to a five. He broke my water, I had a little shot of Nubane (light light Demoral) and had her 2 hours later. If I had to do it again, which I am, I would go natural. It really isn't that bad, I promise. My pain threshold is pretty high, but in my child birth cla__s, they said your body creates 'natural painkillers' which is true, because it's like the pain is happening to someone else and not you. I don't know, ,it is hard to explain I guess. :-)


Loved my Epidural - March 2

I found the epidural to be painless and HEAVEN! As soon as it was administered, I dilated fully and had the baby an hour later. I was 38 at the time.


Julie - March 2

Thanks for your thoughts everyone!! I'm really leaning toward an epidural, but my husband seems to think that it would be "heroic" of us to go natural. I would rather enjoy the birth experience and have less pain. I'm going to ask the doctor at my 12 week ultrasound. If he says I"m crazy and don't worry about it yet, that's what I'll do, but as of now I'm freaking out and my husband is NOT getting it. Ummm, excuse me, he's going to have NO pain all this, easy for him to say let's go natural!! Thanks everyone!!


Julie - March 2

Citrouille, did any of your friends have any problems with their epidurals??


Julie - March 2

Dear Loved my Epidural.... You are my NEW BEST FRIEND!!!


JB - March 2

Okay Julie, I'm gonna level with you. Epidurals do work for a lot of people, but it's not a guarantee. I didn't find this out until I was in labor with my first child. With my second child, they had to drill two separate holes in my back and still the epidural would not take. Labor does suck. It's like having really bad menstral cramps, but on the bright side, with my first, I only had to push for 14 minutes and my 2nd 7 minutes. I wish you best of luck. I'm not trying to scare you but no one told me that they don't always work.


Bel - March 2

Nothing is guaranteed in life though.. I believe it is your choice.. and your thoughts may change when your are in labour!!! good luck


Jbear - March 3

I was so scared during my first pregnancy that every time I tried to read the labor and delivery section of "What to Expect When You're Expecting" I vomited. I knew early in my pregnancy that I would be likely to have a c-section, so I didn't take a childbirth cla__s, but all of my friends have, and they said the cla__ses were really good at calming their fears.


citrouille - March 3

Julie, none of my friends had a bad experience. One of them just had a very sore back after and thought it was linked to the epidural. Another complained that she didn't feel anything and so didn't know when to push. This may sound weird but my husband had an epidural for an operation (he had a hernia) and he got major migraines and back aches from it; I'm just terrified of needles.. and I've seen what the epidural needle looks like! It's huge. I'm afraid of being paralysed or something. I know that the chances are very low but I'd like to do this the natural way if possible!


Julie - March 3

Thank you everyone for your thoughts. JB, I appreciate your honesty...I had an epidural/spinal for a knee surgery I had and it worked fine. Not sure if it will again, but I've had something similar. I am afraid since I"m older I"ll have a really longggg labor and it will just be horrible......I guess there's no turning back now!!!!


vanessa - March 5

Don't you love the way hubbies say "heroic of US"????? It's your body and ABSOLUTELY your choice. I'm not trying to sound snotty about it -- it's just the first thing I said to myself when I read that response... "us"????


naomi - March 6

Rather that worring about the pain I sugest you do some research about ways to help you cope with it. Read about the stages of labour so you know what will happen to your body. ' Rename the pain, think of a positve word that helps you to cope with it. I thought of my pain as a positive ending to my pregnacy, it meant that I would soon see my baby.


Carol - March 15

I believe when men start having babies, then they can make that choice. Do what's best for you.


angel - May 23

you will better off with the epidural you won't feel alot of pain



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