Lack Of Pregnancy Symptoms

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claire - May 11

Hello everyone,my question may seem minor compared to most..I am 11weeks 4 days into my pregnancy,on week 9 i had 1 week of minor morning sickness but now it has gone and im worried that it could be an impending miscarriage...i have no symptoms whatsoever is this normal to just not feel pregnant ?? hope to hear from u soon..good luck to u all xxxxxx


Marsh - April 25

I had to give bad news but I felt the same way. I had no bleeding at 9 weeks but didn't feel pregnant anymore. I even said to my hubby that I may have a still born. At 12 weeks I started cramping and bleeding. The u/s showed that the baby had died at 7 weeks. I needed to have a d/c because it didn't come out on it's own. Good luck!


Marsh - April 25

I felt the same way at 9 weeks. At 12 weeks I started bleeding. Had an u/s it showed that the baby had died at 7 weeks.Had a d/c because the baby would not come out on it's own.Good luck!


Heather - May 11

I have not been sick yet and am about 2 months pregnant. My mom never had morning sickness, either, and had a wonderful pregnancy. My doc just told me I was one of the lucky ones!


Lorie - March 8

I am about 8 weeks pregnant w/my second baby. I don't feel very pregnant either...try not to worry when it is not necessary!!! With this and my first pregnancy I did NOT have any morning sickness to speak of and didn't feel sick during my pregnancy. I had an upset tummy a few times, was very tired and w/tender b___sts but that was it. You should try to relax and direct your concerns to you OBGYN. (With this pregnancy I feel tired of course because I have a baby in the house already but other than tired and cranky I'm not sick "so to speak.") Maybe we are just the lucky ones! Good Luck and think positive!


J - March 8

Relax a lot of women don't have morning sickness so consider your self lucky and think positive! I'm sure everything is OK.


Ella - March 8

I am 12 weeks and I haven't had any signs of pregnancy. I was concerned to but it's not that uncommon. Try to relax and enjoy not being sick. Good Luck


aw - March 8

I noticed that this post is already a year old, just wanted to trow in that I had not had any morning sickness (fingers crossed), just a little nausea, but not to bad. Some trivia: 30% of pregnant woman never encounter any morning sickness, and they have healthy pregancies and babies.


Kim - March 8

Thanks, aw! I was wondering what that percent was. I have not had any m/s yet. It may be coming or I may be lucky - I am in my 7th week.



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