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Hailsa24 - January 27

Ladies...if you are suffering from Morning sickness...i definatley feel your pain. I went earlier to Rite-Aid, and bought "Acu-Strap" morning & travel sickness wrist bands. You just place them on your wrists on a pressure point, and seriously, my nausea dissappeared! They are only about 9 dollars for 2 of them...but I finally just ate comfortably for the first time in 3 days! I hope this helps you out as much as it did for me! 9 dollars is nothing compared to hanging out with the toilet :)


Shannon - January 27

i'm happy for you! i bought some during my last pregnancy but for me, unfortunately they didn't do anything at all. so i'm stuck with ginger ale and saltines *sigh*


gaudior - January 27

They are great, aren't they? The only trick is getting them in the exact right spot... I even contemplated marking the spots with a sharpie so I don't have to do the trial and error method every time. I've been using the Sea-Bands brand for over a week, until I took them off last night, and they disappeared. I think my two-year-old "kitten" ran off with them. I've searched everywhere but his hiding place eludes me. I'll probably have to break down and buy another set tomorrow.


flipthea - January 28

Do they come in different sizes? I can't seem to find them at Walgreens----have to look for a Rite Aid around my house.


tk07 - January 29

oh good! i was going to go get those today anyways but at least now i know they can help! i hope they work for me. i feel sick all day long... the worst in the morning and at night.


excited2bemama - January 29

I tried those and they didn't help me. ...


gaudior - January 30

Does your brand say how long you can wear them? I managed to find mine (sorry, cat) but now I'm concerned because I'd like to wear them 24 hours a day but don't know if that's too much. My brand didn't say anything about limiting use... did yours? I took them off to take a shower last night and had to rush because I started getting nauseous almost immediately!


tk07 - January 30

gaudior, i was wondering the same thing! i wore mine all night and when i got up i felt a little sore there. took them off for a shower and then put them right back on. i think they are helping a little but not fully. i hope this new prenatal i got helps too! anyone have any other things they do to help???



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