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Eva - April 28

I am 6 weeks and I will go in for my first prenatal appt. next month. What should I expect the doctor to do at the visit? Thanks! :) (And yes first child!)


Jena - April 28

Congrats! I went in for my first "real" appointment at 6 weeks as well. I had been going in a lot for blood tests before because my hCG levels were low. So at my first appointment I had a v____al u/s to tell the dates. I'm not sure that's very common that early, but that's what I had. Also blood pressure, urine sample, blood test, and answered my questions. At 8 weeks I had another v____al u/s (I'm carrying twins), blood pressure, urine, and a Pap smear. Good luck!


Heidi - April 28

They ask about family history, take blood and urine, do a pap test, ask a few questions and then you can ask questions, probably prescribe you prenatal pills etc. That's about it. I got a book on pregnancy and was on my way home. I really expected more but since everything was normal, that's all they did. Same with the next two appts. They took urine samples and listened for the heartbeat and checked my blood pressure, answered my questions and out the door I went! The only untrasound I got was the Nuchal Untrasound to detect downs syndrome. Otherwise I haven't gotten one at my regular appointments. She said they'll do one ultrasound later to check the heart but other than that they won't do one unless they feel something is wrong.


Eva - April 28

Jena congrats on the twins! & Thank you ladies for the info.. good luck to you as well!


Sally - April 29

So what's up with these prescribed prenatal pills? Aren't the ones OTC just as good?


Josie - May 5

I dont want to have my child v____ally. I would rather have a c section is that a bad idea?


to josie - May 6

having your baby v____ally is much better. It is scary, but not nearly as scary as major abdominal surgery. It takes ATLEAST six weeks to heal well enough to do anything (like lift your child while in a carseat). It is sore for months afterwards, and the risk of infection or complications is much much higher. Without labour, your uterus has a harder time returning to normal, and expelling the blood and tissues. Some women have even said it could take longer for your milk to come in (i don't know if that's true, mine took over 48hrs tho). The risks go on and on, and heavily outweigh any benifits (for planned, not emergency c-sec, they are for a good reason and should be done to save you and/or baby). Please talk to your doctor and make sure this is something your prepared for, recovery is NOT easy, whereas a vag. birth you could be on your feet doing anything you want/need to in a matter of days or even hours.


ICQ - May 6

What's a v____al u/s?? I'm 6 weeks right now but I'll have my first official appt when I'm about 9 weeks along.



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