Large Uterus

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Brooke - March 31

I am only 4w6d. My doctor did an ultrasound today and said that my uterus was bigger than usual for my dates. He said that it was 9cm and he couldn't see anything else yet. Has anyone had this to happen?? I read that this could indicate anything from a problem to twins. He wants to do a repeat in 2 weeks.


bump - March 31



D - April 1

My uterus is nearly double size due to a fibriod. I'm hoping it will quit growing, as there may be a chance to deliver v____ally if it does. 4w6d is awfully early to see anything. I think the best thing to do is try to hold on until the next u/s! Good luck! I think the waiting is one of the hardest parts of this whole process!


Brooke - April 3

D, thanks for the input! I was pretty worried, but I have decided to let it go and wait until the next u/s.


Christie - April 25

Hello, I have been this way most of my pregnancy. I am currently 33 Weeks and measuring 40cm. I am having another ultra-sound this week and have been checked for GD. and that was normal. They think the baby is just on the bigger side!


Amy - November 11

My OBGYN Told me that my uteris is enlarged and That I am About 2 to 3 weeks pregnant and all my pregnacy test have come up negative why is that?


Dear Amy - November 13

Your body may not be producing enough HGC at this early stge for it to be detectable on preg tests. Give it another couple of weeks and test again.


amy - November 24

I went to the doctor's becuase of wired stomach cramps, she did a pelvic and told me that I had a large uterus, but pregnancy test came out negative, if I dont have period in three weeks I have to go back, so what does this all mean?


Julie - November 24

sorry amy, I was trying t reply to ur question, i put ur name instead of


To Amy - November 25

My tests came out negative for ages - I tested positive in a blood test at 5.5 weeks - its hard but just hang on a little while longer...and good luck!



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