Last Period Was September 27

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Tara - November 27

and no period yet. I tested last about two weeks ago and it was negative.. Could I still be pregnant?


crystal - November 30

Hi Tara, my last period was 9-29-04. I have not had a period. I have taken 2 blood test and 4 hpt and still nothing all negative. What symptoms are you having?


Der - December 1

My last preiod was Sept 27. So if you we doing anything btw the 8th and 13th you should be about 9 weeks now and your baby is alrady 1inch plus and you might not be feeling anythign special. Do get a Blood test to be absolutely sure even an ultrasound. My sister had no symptoms for 5 months (when the baby finally moved!) except her missed periods and those were iregualr anyway!


jac - December 2

My last period was 27th sept too! And I'm almost 10 weeks pregnant.You should have been to see a doctor by now! Let us now what happens. Any one else out there with the same dates,love to hear from you. bye


Christine - December 2

Fina I dont think that she meant to be rude...but she is right...If it has been that long and you are normally with a regular cycle something is going may be pregnancy and it may not...go to the doc...hpt's can very well be false negative...ask for a blood test...keep us informed and good luck..


jac - December 2

Fina, sounds to me that your the b___h! My answer was for her to see a doctor, I think thats the best advice.I suggest you go see one too, for that horrible att_tude!


nique1 - December 8

i took a hpt in the end of aug. while starting on my period and it was pos. i went and seen a doc and the urine test was neg. then in sept. i got my period a lil irregular though. i didn't think nothing of it. in oct. i completely skipped my period. a lil spotting but it was round my period. nov. no period. went to doc. and urine test was neg. but something don't feel right bout that visit. i feel that she may have made a mistake, but this is her job so i'm unsure. am i preg.? or should i not get my hopes up? any1, some1, please give me some advice. i don't want to see another doc if i am not preg. but if i do should i take a blood test instead??? (i heard they're more accurate.)


k - December 8

a blood test is more accurate so if you think that you are pregnant see a doctor again and tell them that you want a blood test done.


leyla - December 12

hi im bothered now really..i dont know if im pregnant or not..i had my last visit last nov.3. can someone anwer me if you will have white mens if u are pregnant?


jessica - December 12

hey my last period was sept 21st lots of us having questions with same time frame i guess were all scared i know i am im on my second good luck to everyone



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