Laxatives During Pregnancy

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Britney23 - May 26

Hi all you preggo's out there,,, I have been taking natural laxatives for constipation the past few years about twice a weekthey are basically a pill of concentrated figs, prunes and tamarinds. i'm now 6 weeks preggo and went for a scan 3 days ago=saw gest sac, fetul pole and heartbeat. anyone know if its safe to use laxactives now?


Kira_lynn - May 26

hmm. thats a tough one. Im a dirreah expert myself. I have crohnic diarreah due to surgey (crohns disease) and im not allowed to take immodium or anyother natural remedy. Soo im not sure. Usually you eat all of those so i dont see why not, but your doc would know for sure. I pray to god i dont have constipation cause i have had a___l tearing due to constipation when i was 12 and it would land me in the hospital. Good luck to you and your bowels, perhaps you'll have a reversal and you'll become regular! Sh*t happens!


angelisa - May 26

Hi Britney! I was in the same boat and my doctor told me not to take what I was taking as compress is not good and gave me FYBOGEL Orange twice a helps a bit!!Hope this can help,good luck


nursej - June 6

well some prenatl pills have colace in the like citrcal that is a stool softner. when your pregnant you are constipated anyway.


hayleyc - June 6

Hiya, I am having trouble going aswell, I also had trouble before pregnancy and usely take the natural remedy Senokot. I asked the midwife and she said to not use those because they work on your gut muscles. She suggested a syprup very similar called Lactolose, this works on softening your stoles to make them easier to pa__s. Angelisa, I also have Fybogel Orange in the cupboard and didn't think to ask if that was ok and now I know... x


hayleyc - June 6

P.s I have had trouble with my bowels since being a baby and the dr has never been much help. I used to take Lactolose all the time,it works,but it does take a couple of days to get into your system..Good Luck!



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