Laxatives While Being Pregnant With High Risk For Miscarriag

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Spring - March 16

does anyone know if you can take laxatives having a high risk for miscarriage? If so, what should i take or do?


to Spring - March 16

I don't know the answer to this question but I would think that the answer is no, regardless of your risk for miscarriage. Laxatives strip your body of needed nutrients that both you and your baby need. They can also cause other harmful effects if taken on a regular basis. I have abused them in the past and quit cold turkey when started ttc. If constipation is your problem (it's mine right now), try drinking more water and eating more foods rich in fiber. You may also be able to take a product like Metamucil. I believe that this is a safer way to go. Check with your doctor first, though. He may well likely suggest this if you need to take something.


Carol - March 17

Drink Prune Juice that as helped me tremendously.Also drink plenty of water.


J - March 17

If you are having trouble going #2 you can drink metamucil. No laxitives!!!!


One Ultimate Girl - May 12

I have had two miscarriages one in 2001(9 weeks) and another just last month (5 weeks); I was on birth control between the two pregnancies and I also have a 12-year-old daughter. I have taken a laxative (MOM) every night since 1999. I didn’t believe the laxative (MOM) was to blame for the first miscarriage but now since it has happened for the second time I am starting to second-guess myself. I stopped taking laxatives (MOM) May 6th instead I am taking Metamucil in the mornings and a stool softener at night. Now we wait for pregnancy and see how things go. Wish me luck!


Lynn - May 12

My doctor specifically said No laxatives. You can use stool softeners, but not laxatives. Laxatives help loosen the muscles in your body and cause them to contract & unfortunatly, they are specific to which muscles the affect. So they could also cause your uterus to loosen and start contractions.



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