Laying On Left Side

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erin25 - February 25

How soon should you start laying on your left side and why? Does this help prevent mc?


javidsgirl - February 25

well as for laying on your left side they say it is suppose to improve your blood circulation to the planceta but i haven't found any studies to back that up yet


erin25 - February 25

Ok...thank you. I have read in books and on the internet but I was unsure of what it "really" did during pregnancy. I think I am around 4 weeks and a couple of days so I have already started to lay on my left side as much as possible. Thanks again for your help!


javidsgirl - February 25

that is good you need to get used to sleeping on your side becuase later in pregnancy laying on your back can put pressure on your organs my ob told me that. here are some of the sites that mention about sleeping on your left side and oh and congrats on your pregnancy. i am 16 weeks myself


denimb__terfly - February 25

Laying on your left side- for ANYone- lowers your blood pressure. I was told this by a number of doctors and a nurse when I was put on bed rest with my first pregnancy she came to visit everyday and I was practically yelled at when I was laying on anything but my left side. In fact, she showed me the difference. She took my blood pressure laying on my right, laying on my back and then on my left. It was a significant drop on the left. It helps blood flow and circulation.


squished - February 25

When you lay on your back as you get farther along the weight of the baby and the uterus compresses one of the major arteries in your body. As for laying on your left's the "optimum" position to lay while pregnant, it provides the best blood flow. Don't worry if you wake up and find yourself not on your left side. As you get bigger and bigger sleeping at any position will be uncomfortable. Good luck!


J.J. - February 26

I've always been a side sleeper, usually on my right side but w/my first preg, I was soooo comfortable sleeping on my back. It was weird. I gravitated to that position. I felt guilty b/c of all the reports telling you not to lay on your back. But I did thru my 2nd trimester. In the end, you just want a good night's sleep!


javidsgirl - February 26

i tired laying on my left side yesterday and this morning to see if it lowered my bp i took it on my right side then i laid on left side for 30 mins then took it agian it was the same as my right side. is this only good in the third tri?


Kime - February 26

Normally they say to start laying on your left side after 16weeks. I slept on my stonach until i was like 10 weeks and it did'nt harm her at all just started to get uncomfortable. now im 6 months and there is no way i could lay on my stomach or back b/c i can't breath when i lay on my back


KBinParis - February 26

I have read (in 'What to expect when you're expecting' and another very medical book) that lying on your right side compromises the circulation to the fetus. Lying on the back is not good because it limits the blood flow to and from your own heart as the two major arteries are compressed by the weight of the fetus, placenta, etc. Until 4 months it is okay to lie on either side or on your back but after the 4th month, it is important to stay on your right side so might as well start practising earlier, right?


1sttime - February 28

I am only 10 1/2 weeks pregnant but I read somewhere that you should sleep on your left side - and it really is more comfortable even in my early stages. I find more comfortable sleeping on the left side than the right side. I heard it was to do with the relief of where all your organs are laying.


Stefanie282 - March 1

With my ds I had horrible heartburn in my 3rd I am only six weeks and already having a few experiences with it anyway my doctor said laying on your left side is more comfortable when you have heartburn because it has something to do with the way your stomach empties



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