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Carol - April 13

Does anyone else feel by the end of the day as if the life was zapped out of you? By the time I get home from work, I am so tired I barely have the energy to make a sandwich and wash the dishes. I go to bed at 7:30 and it is hard to get up at 5:30. I am sooooo tired. I am nine weeks along and wondering if this will ever end???


Heidi - April 13

You're almost there! You sound just like I did a few weeks ago. At about 10 wks I started getting my energy back and instead of going to bed at 7:30, it's 9-10 instead like before and I sleep much better at night. For about 6 weeks I didn't do anything after work but lay around and feel like c___p. It does get better and hopefully for you it will kick in real soon.


Milissa - April 13

Yes usually after the first trimester.go to my forum second pregnancy is it different and read what us women have wrote. good luck to you


Michelle - April 13

It will get better, hang on. from about 12-15 weeks, I did the same. I didnt even make supper sometimes, just went straight to the couch. I was exhausted. Not that I am over that, its trying to get comfortable at night. They say you kiss your sleep goodbye as soon as you get pregnant. It will never be the same!


Wanda - April 13

All I want to do when I get home is sleep/rest as well. I am always zapped. But I think the reason you are tired when you get up is because you may have gotten too much sleep. Try to stay up as much as possible. It may help some. But of course the pregnancy does drain you.....Hope this help some.


Nadine - April 13

I am finally better. It used to be that I would nap thinking I'd be out for 20 minutes to an hour and I'd wake up 2-2.5 hours later from a solid sleep. I tend to need a lot of sleep anyhow, but this week, 10w3d, I've noticed that I wake up after an hour which tells me things are getting back to normal. Just think, soon we will be up every three hours and then off to work in the am--I can't wait!!! : )


v - April 13

I am in the same boat as all you ladies. I am 10wks 3days but am still really tired. By lunch I want to nap but try going for a walk instead and in bed at 8-9pm and sleep till 6-6:30am. I can't wait for my energy to return. Just enjoy the sleep now as in 7mnths you won't be getting as much. lol


Brooke Crow - April 14

I prefer not to think of it as us "being lazy" ... we women and our glorious bodies are working overtime every second of the day. Even while "resting" we are "working" ... so I say: Rest away, my friends! I dare anyone to call us lazy during this momentous time.


Steph - April 14

Brooke, I agree and I keep telling my Husband that even though I am not showing yet.. I still have something growing inside of me zapping my energy. I keep handing him the book, "How to keep (or make) your pregnant wife happy." He needs to read it! hahahah poor guy!


C - April 17

I am tired all the time too - I am 11 weeks now and lucky I am a stay at home mom. I lay down in the afternoons with my 2 year old and sleep for 2 hours or more, plus sleeping 10 or more hours a night!! Can't wait for some energy to return though, my house needs a good cleaning! lol


Krissie - April 17

Don't let them kid you! By the 2nd trimester it dosn't end, but lets up a bit. I had extreme tiredness my first trimester and when I hit my 2nd trimester I'm just as tired, but it's not as bad. 13w1d


mpi - April 17

i was like that around 5-6 weeks when I didnt even know I was pregnant.. I'm not as lazy anymore but still get a little tired during the day. good luck!!



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