Legs Hurt Anybody Got This Too

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kim j - March 18

My right leg has been hurting for about 4 days. I am about 7 weeks preggo and starting to think bad things. It almost feels like growing pains like when i was a child. I have tried so manyn things but i still have this annoying feeling in my leg. Anybody else?


Tanya - March 18

Hi Kim, I am nine weeks and three days and I think I am having the same problem as you. I talked to a few people about it and they said it is called restless leg syndrome. Doctors don't exactly know what it is caused from.I have the feeling in my left leg mostly at night time and it takes along time to fall asleep. It is the wierdest feeling! I've never had it before and is so annoying! This is harmless to have. Describe your feelings that your having, maybe this is what you have! Does anyone else have this too?


kim j - March 20

my legs are just always soar. especially my right. no matter what i do it hurts. it has been bothering me for about a week. sometimes it seems like it is going away but it comes back. it is more im my calf... anyone else?


L - March 26

I have a bothering pain sometimes in my left calf also. I had restless legs a few weeks ago too. What about a cramping on and off in the upper right arm (this my be because I type alot and take a lot of notes in college, but...)


Misty - March 26

I got something similar to what you are talking about in my first pregnancy and now I am starting to get it with this one. It only comes when I am laying down though and it is in my joint area, like up towards my hips nad in my knees. It is almost painful, I think it would be much nicer if they just felt restless :-) I am pretty sure it is harmless though because with my first I delivered a perfectly healthy baby boy. It is just very aggravating, I have never found anything to help with it so maybe someone else has?


nix - March 26

If it is a pain, not discomfort, or restless feeling, and it doesn't go away when flexing your feet or walking around, i would check with your doc, there's a slight possibility it may be a varicos vien or very rare, a blood clot. the chances are low, but be safe and ask your doc at your next prenatal.


Misty - March 26

I would have to revise what I said last time then and say that it is just discomfort. I had it with my last pregnancy and I get it again now with this pregnancy. I would pretty confidently say that it isn't a clot because it veries with which leg it is in . But it definatly doesn't go away when I flex my legs. I have to actually stand up. Nothing I do while still laying down makes it feel better. I probably should ask my doctor, nut I'm pretty sure it is just one of those things that I am unlucky enough to have worse then most people and that they can't do anything about it. :-( Oh well, it is worth it for a baby.


bump - March 30



SAMMIKINS - November 6

Hi Tonya Did you find an answer to your leg & back pain? I am 8 weeks pregnant but my legs have been hurting for some time, it started in my calves but now is all over my legs & bum.is like I have been exercising a lot but have no or liek growing pains I have been get_tng worried about varicose veins and DVT but thought this was just in the 3rd trimester I can't find anything about this in the first trimester? Can anyone help? Sam


mommy2sean - November 6

I actually went to the ER because I was having terrible pain in my pelvis on the right side. The doctors did all kinds of tests, but basically told me it is being caused by the hormones from pregnancy making my ligaments stretchy.



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