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sue - February 26

i am 8 weeks pregnant.last night when i went to the toilet and wiped myself i noticed some blood which was bright red then the next couple of times i went to the toilet and wiped myself there was a slight brown colour but nothing since and i have had no cramping pains. has anybody else experienced something similar as i am really worried ?


Laurie - February 26

Hi Sue, Yes, at nine weeks I started to bleed. I had an u/s and the baby was fine. They told me the bleeding was due to placenta implantation. It caused a sub-chorionic hematoma (sounds more frightning than it is!) My doctor said that when the placenta implants itself, it is a rather invasive process and it can dig into blood vessels along the way. I am now 14 weeks, still spotting a bit, dark red to brownish in color. I am taking it easy, no s_x, heavy lifting or long walking per my doctors advice. Also, in talking with friends, this condition is more common than I ever knew. Have you had your first check-up yet?


sue - February 26

hi laurie, thanks for replying you have made me slightly more relieved already. i have got my first appointment with the midwife in 2 days time so i will raise the issue with her then. i will do as you have suggested and just take it easy for now. thanks again


Laurie - February 27

I'm glad I was able to give you some relief. I know when I first bled, it was frightning and I instantly equated bleeding with miscarriage, which I found out is defit_tely not the case since 50% of all pregnancies have some bleeding. Please take care and let me know how you are. God bless


V. H. - March 1

Hi, I had a small amount of bright red bleeding after intercourse once at eight weeks. The next day, I had a little brown spotting. I had an ultra sound done at ten weeks, and my dr. said I have placenta previa. This is when the baby implants close to or over your cervix. She told me I have to take it easy. No s_x and possibly bed rest . Bleeding can mean several things. It helped me feel relieved to get the u/s because I miscarried with my last pregnancy. I hope everything goes well with you:)


sue - March 6

thanks for your replies and advice. i had an internal scan a couple of days ago and everything seemed fine and have had no bleeding since so i do feel relieved. take care x


jemma - March 13

what could happen if i over did things? I'm 31 weeks



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