Light Brown In Cm 5 1 2 Weeks And Scared

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Addison - December 14

Hi I just noticed when I went to wipe I had some brown spotting. I dont really have any cramps going along with it. But I dont know if having spotting at this stage is normal. Has anyone else had this and have been ok?


Dia - December 14

Hi Addison. I don't have any personal experience with this, but if you peruse this sight a little and look around a lot of women are having the exact same problem. For some it is not a problem at all and the baby is fine, for others it is an early sign of miscarriage. I suppose it just depends. I think that you are too early for your doctors to even really do a scan, as the baby is way to small to see any parts. Try not to worry too much, many women have this and are perfectly healthy. Good luck to you!!


Talia - December 16

Hey Addison. I too am 5.5 weeks and I had brown spotting yesterday. I panicked and called my obgyn and he brought me in for a transv____al ultrasound. They found the baby and the heartrate was 119 beats per minute. If I were you, I would call my doctor. Turns out with me, everything is just fine. I tend to over react when my pregnancy is involved.


N - December 16

Brown blood is usually old blood which should be ok. But I'd call my dr. just for confirmation. Sounds ok to me though, unless it keeps happening. Good luck...


relle - December 16

i had brown spotting for about three weeks then i had a miscarriage two days ago. don't mean to scare you but this is also the first sign of a blighted ovum. i had the same scan at 5 weeks and then when i went to have another scan at 7 weeks, after heavy bleeding and cramps, the baby hadn't grown since the last u/s. Some people do carry on to have normal pregnancies but others will miscarry. i hope all goes well for you though.


Jill - December 16

I had brown spotting with my first, and she is now a very active healthy 16 mo old. With this baby I have also had brown spotting. Brown means old blood. I would try not to worry if your arent cramping. You should call your Dr if you are too worried they can maybe help to calm your fears. Also you can see the baby and heart beat with a transv____al ultrasound in about a week. Try not to worry. When I was pregnant with my first and worried about spotting my Dr told me about a patient he had that bleed alot, and frequently. He would get calls from the hospital saying she was miscarring, and she never did. You might not know if it is a problem or not, but have hope and look on the bright side of things. Many people have had brown discharge and thier babies are just fine! I knwo it is easier said than done, but it is up to you how this pregnancy go. Try to make it joyful and the most worry free you can (it is impossible to make it totally worry free!). If something terrible happens then you can take that step then. Make sure to eat healthy, dont smoke or go around others who do, do all you can do to make sure everything goes well with your baby.


Been There - December 17

I'm not exactly sure, but I'm also around 6 weeks. I've had the same thing. I miscarried in September, but there was no mistaking the fast change from brown spotting to bright red blood, but that happened within days and quickly. This time I'm pretty calm about it because brown is just old (and probably just seeping) blood. Talk to your doctor. They'll probably tell you it's pretty common and to let them know if you see red. If you don't, you can a__sume things are fine. This is a pretty had time for us since we'll probably feel better once we hear the heartbeat the first time. That's such rea__surance.


Angela W. - December 19

Hi Addison, I am going through the same thing. I am 6wks with twins and I started having some maroon/brown spotting on 12/16. I called my dr. and they had me come right in. they said so far everything looked fine, and they thought the spotting may be due to late implantation of one of the babies, or from bearing down too much due to constipation. I have been spotting all weekend, but it has been getting more brown/gray and much lighter in volume. Sometimes it can be something as simple as that, but I totally agree with the others on this thread, my dr. says if you have any pains that equal the intensity of your period, that you should go in immediately. Good luck with everything!!!



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