Light Pink Spotting And Mild Cramps

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newmomma32 - December 13

I noticed some light pink discharge when I wiped yesterday and had some mild cramping. I then went to the doctor, and she took a look at my cervix and said there was a growth there. So she booked me for an emergency ultrasound to put my mind at ease. Should have it today or tommorow. I only have very light beige spotting now. i am 12 weeks, 2 days. Anyone else have this?


stefkay - December 13

newmomma, this is probably good news that the dr. detected a growth on your cervix (as long as it is benign)...that explains where the spotting is coming from and it is most likely NOT from in the uterus. Whatever the growth is, is probably irritated and causing the spotting. Good luck on your u/s tomorrow!!!


newmomma32 - December 14

thanks--I am on call for the ultrasound today. Man--I really missed this forum when it was down for a bit--bad timing---missed the great support here!


kendra.marie - December 14

at least they have something to say your spottings from. this is my second pregnancy at 9 weeks 1 day i was bleeding red blood enough to feel as if AF was arriving, went to ER they did a scan baby & hb were fine nothing they said. well then 10 weeks exactly i had spotting again also pink colored but only when i wiped 2 times. then i haven't had it again. they say its normal in some pregnancy's but i know its the fear we get when we see it cuz of stories we've heard. well wish you luck <3


newmomma32 - December 14

my ultrasound was great--13 wks, 2 days . We didn't expect it to look so human already! The heart was beating just fine and it was cute seeing my husband's reaction! Once I see what is going on with the growth on my cervex, I will finally be at ease!


stefkay - December 14

That's awesome!!! And you even measure a week ahead! That is such good news, congratulations!



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