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Kristina - February 28

As I have been reading your comments and questions I have found that it is pretty regular. I am 7 weeks and 1 day and I have had light spotting in the morning for three days, with no noticable cramping. Is the cramping really extreme when m/c and how long does the spotting last. Also it is any where in color fron light pink on sat to a darker brownish today.


Julie - February 28

Call your doctor ASAP. I started bleeding at exactly 7 weeks 1 day and it was light pink/brownish and very light and I had no cramping. I ended up having a m/c a few days later. I had a dnc and the bleeding got worse at about day 4 but still no cramping. Try to keep calm but call your doc for an ultrasound ASAP to make sure everything is OK. good luck. P.S. I was also told by my doctor that no amount of bleeding during pregnancy is normal unless it is after s_x or a pelvic exam.


Gibbler - February 28

When I miscarried my first child all I had was spotting at first in the morning, I went to the Dr at 1pm as I had an appointment that day anyway and I caled and she said if i started having pain or more bleeding then i could come in right away. But I didnt so i waited till my appointment. After my appointment I went to the hospital to get bllod work done the dr wanted to check the levels of my HCG hormone, when i got home from there the pain started, and its really really intense pain, I was only 6 weeks along but it was really bad pain. The pain only lasted taht day, and i had to go get more blood work done to see if my hcg levels were going down. Then about a week later I had to have an ultrasound to make sure everything was pa__sed. U have no pain so thats a good sign, but just to be sure that everyhing is going good, I would visit the dr and get checked. Good Luck and hugs and prayers.


Kristina - February 28

Thanks Julie and Gibbler, I have calle my doctor and am waiting to hear back from his a__sistant, wainting feels lile forever. I will let you know how everthing goes.


Krisitna - February 28

Obvioulsy you can tell i am so nervous i can't type.


Kristina - March 6

We went ot the doctor and we saw the sac. He said there was no blood coming off of it in the u/s so it looked good. My next apt. is wed. so hopefully we will be able to see a heart beat. But he also said spotting can be common in some women, not to worry unless crampng as well.


ekay - March 6

Kristina, did you see the baby too, or just a sac? Just curious


Kristina - March 7

At 5 weeks we just saw the sac. I go back Wed. to see if we can see anything this time. He explained that it was kind of early, so I am not sure whether to be stressed or not.



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