Lightheaded And Dizzy Amp Scared Normal Or Should I Call Dr

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Allie - January 3

I'm currently 6.5 weeks along and all of a sudden today I looked up and felt really lightheaded and dizzy. This has never happened to me before. I had plenty of liquids and a good breakfast this am so I know I'm not dehydrated. I'm scared that something is wrong. Has anyone else experienced this or should I call the Dr. right away? I don't THINK I'm dizzy enough to pass out, but I'm just feeling very "out of my head" if that makes any sense.


Carla - January 3

Allie, I am 5w 4d along and i experience that feeling also, it''s not like your going to faint feeling it feels like you are off, not balanced correctly or something, I have a book called what to expect when your expecting and it says that mild dizziness or lightheadedness is normal, if you dont have the book i suggest you get it, take care


Allie - January 3

Thanks Carla. I do have the book, but haven't started reading it yet. Currently reading 'Girlfriend's guide to pregnancy'. I laid down for a bit and even though I'm still lightheaded, I feel better. Do you know what causes this in early pregnany? I hate feeling 'out of my head' and would love to know a way to combat it. Thanks.


Jenn - January 3

Its normal. In fact, i pa__sed out twice in my first trimester (i'm 28 weeks now). If you feel too dizzy, sit down, eat something, food definantly helps give you a boost.


Allyson - January 4

i get the same thing my doc said its because my sugar is low.. i get it alot now for some reason... im eating right and everything i just dunno y i feel like this :-( im 13weeks 4 days


tamfit - January 4

Hi Allie, This is completely normal. At these stage your blood volume is increasing. However your body has not adjusted to it yet. Therefore there is a tendency for suddent bouts of dizziness due to changes in blood pressure. It can be low blood sugar too if you have not been eating every few hours. The low blood sugar issue tends to become even more predominant once the placenta takes over at the 11-12 week. Then your baby is using glucose directly from you and therefore there is less availabe for you at certain times. Keep those carbs up and be sure to balance it with protein. In case your are wondering where my info comes from. I am a registered nutritionist and we studies prenatal nutrition as part of my studies. I am also 11 weeks pregnant with my first. What fun and exciting changes we have ahead. Good luck to you. Tammy


yas2000 - January 4

sorry this is not realted to the questioon of this thread but i read about tamfit being a nutriounist and hence really hope she can help me. hi tamfit, i am 8 weeks pregnant. the reason i am writing is to see if anyone can help diagnose what is going with my weight and help me do someting about it. i am gaining like crazy! i have already gained a stone and a half if not 2 (53/55kg-65kG). everyone who knows me tells me i look ma__sive already...i have a bloated stomach and already had 2 previous pregnancies hence a__sume that this is normal for i know my baby coudn't be bigger than a white bean!!!! this is really starting to upsetme now becasue i am only 2 months!!!!! i may have ate a little bit more in the first couple of weeks 3-4 (only a little) but for the last 2.5 weeks have not really as i had food poisening with severe nausea and food aversions and even vomited alot...yet i am still gaining despite of that. in fact i should have lost!!!!...i have grown a whole cup size midwife has not contacted me yet so don't even know when i will get to meet her to talk about my concerns...would be interested to know if you know of someone or who is/was in my shoes... i know i can have gestational diabetes..but is that possible in the first trimester? what can i do to overcome such a fast weight gain!!!! i had u/s done at 6w/4d and was told only one baby so i know for now it couldn't be twins or more! so why am i gaining so much...this is very depressing!any stories and diognosis welcome... Post Your Answer To The Question Above:


yas2000 - January 4

also, i am living off cups of herbal tea, the odd pastry, and eating fruit only...pears and apples mostly. have the odd buisqit, or small after eight mint...but really i hardly have any proper meals due to my nausea and food aversions..yet i look like i am becoming grossly overwieght for my height which is 5ft 4". i know i gain quick in pregnancy but with my previous i only gained from late second trimester to third trimester!!! i really need to see someone else who knows what i may be going through and tell me what i can do about it...if i don't eat at all i feel weak and faint...and dizzy! so i nibble on stuff..but on so little...if i were not pregnant it wouldn't do any difference!


tamfit - January 4

Hi Yas, I am happy to offer what ever tips I can give you with the info I have that you provided me. You have indeed have gained a fair bit of weight very early on. This must be very frustrating. I can relate to you dilemma. Before becoming pregnant I was a professional figure athlete. When I became pregnant...I gained 10lbs in about 6 weeks. Everything checked out normal with blood work and I concluded that it was because i had been so lean before becoming pregnant and my body response to the new hormones was to make me hold major water and to also increase my fat storage a bit more. I have just had to grin and bear it but my weight stabalized at 8 weeks and I think I will hold steady until the second trimester gain creeps in. You did not mention if you were small, medium or large boned. If you were medium boned then your beginning weight should have been pretty health provided you have normal body fat levels. If a women has lower body fat then sometimes the bodies response to the new hormones is to really increase water retention and also the higher estrogen can increase fat storage. Were you very lean to start because this could be part of it. Also..if you have not already checked this it might be advisable to take a peak at your thyroid hormones. Your doctor usually does but you never know. Someone can develop Hypoactive thyroid in pregnancy. It is not very common but can happen. I blab on some cases there are rare instances that some women really secrete a lot of estrogen in pregnancy. If your pregnancy has been fine to this point then I am sure this is not your case as this typically leads to complications. It is too early for gestational diabetes which usually does not rear its ugly head until later on in pregnancy. thing I will share with you that some doctors do not consider is that you may be a bit more insulin resistant since you tend to develop gestational diabetes. The one downfall with doctors is that they have very little nutritional training and they do look at conditions in a very small window of what is part of a CLINICAL DIAGNOSIS. The problem with this is that some people are left high and dry because they don't fit that window or definition. This is one reason Alternative Medicine such as Naturopathy is growing. Now back to the Insulin resistance...This means your pancreas might not be the most efficient at processing your various nutrients...especially sugars. Women with this tendency typically can gain more fat weigth quickly but they do also tend to be heavier when not pregnant too. Another possibilitly is dehydration. Be sure to drink at leat 10 gla__ses of water every day. Dehydration will aggravate bloating. It will not cause a 20lb gain but it can cause 5 or 10lbs especially when pregnant. Also..if you vomit a lot this can sometimes cause electrolyte imbalances that cause water retention too. do usually have other symptoms too that are not good. I can make a few suggestions that may be of help to you. this might not work because of nausea right now and you just have to cope with it until then. I have had severe nausea and aversions since week 6. I was off all protein and eating the craziest carbs I ever ate in my life. It is strongly recommended that you eat small meals every couple of hours. Try to keep a mix of proteins, healthy fats and low sugar carbs. Low sugar carbs are whole whole wheat breads, brown rice, yams, vegetables, certain fruits, oatmeal etc. They are less refined and therefore metabolized more slowly. Whole wheat pasta is great here too. Now if you are like me...right now the thought of chicken b___st makes you want to gag! Do the best you can. You will be able to eat it soon. Also make sure you are taking a good prenatal with b complex too. This is good for the baby and food digestion and use. If you were exercising before you were pregnant then keep it up. just keep your heart rate down. This will absolutely help with the weight. If you weren't then it would be best to wait until the second trimester. I hope this info can help you and might give you some ideas. I am not on here too often but I do check back so if you have anyother questions you can post it and I will see it soon.


Angela W. - January 5

Allie, I have always had very low blood pressure. Now that I am pregnant, it has gotten even lower (one visit b/p was 80/63- DH asked if I was even alive!) Anyway, I know that high b/p is quite common in pregnancy, but have heard that low b/p can happen as well. I am certainly not a dr., but I think I read something somewhere that this feeling faint and dizzy can be a result of temporary low b/p until your body has made enough blood to supposrt both you and the baby. Also, if you think this could be something like what you are experiencing, look up HYPOtension online and you will find information about it. There are two different "kinds" of very temporary hypotension. The one everyone knows about is when you stand up too fast and you get dizzy as a result of gravity pulling the blood away from your brain too fast, but there is also another kind which can happen when the person is lying down. Anyway, I hope that helps and again, I'm no expert, I'm just starting to look into it myself because I am feeling very weak and dizzy lately. Good Luck and I hope everything works out for you!


falafal0 - January 5

I'm 7.5 weeks along with my fourth and constantly experience dizziness and light headedness. I actually didn't think it would start this early on, but gross, it has. It's the WORST feeling. I have been told I have low blood pressure, which is just as bad as high lodd pressure. With my first child, I nearly fainted in a bank because I left it too long to sit down. I walked quickly towards a chair, and actually fainted into it (only out for about 5 seconds) because I couldn't even make it out. Vision went on me. I've also had to sit down in the middle of a shopping centre at Christmas with two young children, getting groceries, the works. It hits anywhere, any time. At times I get it so bad I even experience it lying down. So no, it's totally normal, just a horrible side effect of being pregnant. My only adivce is, as SOON as you start feeling it, sit down, bend down, do whatever you can no matter where you are - otherwise you will faint, I guarantee it. Try to bring the chances down by continuing to eat well and drink alot, especially in summer. You can graduate to feeling just a little light headed to fainting in less thana minute when it's bad. It's serious, especially if your big enough to bump you baby. Good luck.


tamfit - January 6

Hi Allie, You are absolutely right. High blood pressure tends to be more common in women who are overweight or hypertensive to begin with. It can also develop in pregnancy if a women has Preclampsia which is excessive fluid retention causing high blood pressure. This is more common in adolescent mothers but can happen to anyone. Usually later in pregnancy though. Your dizziness is most certainly your low blood pressure then. I too have the same problem. My normal bp is 98 over 56 and I would sometimes get dizzy then. Since getting pregnant it has been has low as 96/56. It tends to improve as pregnancy progresses because the blood volume catches up to improve bp. may still get it then because you have more blood flow going to other parts of the body and sometimes it temporarily moves away from the brain. Not much fun..I know but all part of the process. Tammy



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