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Lindsey - November 16

Hi, as you are aware i miscarried at 7 weeks in August - I am currently 10 weeks pregnant and have recently had my 10 week scan - it was fantastic - i saw the heartbeat and also saw my baby floating aroung the sac. I know I am still early days but this one feels different, good luck to everyone pregnant person out there, you are in my prayers


Ashley - November 16

Just Curious- What were the differences you felt between the two pregnancies. I'm 5wks and paranoid and scared of m/c. I haven't been sick at all, just a little tired, cranky, and have mild cramping sometimes and sore b___sts.(no spotting or pain or anything though. just af-like cramps sometimes) Any advice?


Amy - November 16

Hi Lyndsey, congratulations! I have a v similar situation to you, I miscarried at 6 weeks back in May. I am a little over 6 weeks and always worried about another m/c. I had my first ultrasound at 5 weeks 5 days and they could barely see anything which left me feeling more anxious. I can't wait to get where you are! Good luck!


Amy - November 16

Ashley real symptoms won't kick in till at about 6 weeks, and some women never really experience many symptoms at all. So don't worry. When is your first ultrasound?


Ashley - November 16

I'm not sure. I have an appt. with my regular dr. on Nov. 22nd. I'll be 6wks then. Thats just a consultation because its been a long time since I went that I'm considered a new client again. And then she'll have to refer me to an obgyn because I don't have one. So I really don't know. I really hope that its not too long. I'll feel better when someone tells me everything is ok. This is my first child.


Amy - November 16

Ashley try not to worry, have you had a miscarriage before? You will most likely be fine so try not to stress too much. Usually there is bleeding with a miscarriage and you just somehow know that it's happened. and you will know that feeling when it hits, if you're not sure, you haven't miscarried. So don't stress!!


Ashley - November 16

Thanks Amy. I know I haven't m/c but I'm jsut nervous. Also- I used to smoke a pack a day. When I found out we were pg I have quit. but I only found out last week so that's an added worry on my mind.


Lindsey - November 17

With my first pregnancy I had an empty feeling - no symptoms at all, no sore b___bs - nothing - Ashley, don't worry about not having ANY symptomps - my sisters has 2 kids and she had no morning sickness, tiredness, sore b___bs - nothing at all and she had 2 healthy kids, this one for me I am feeling constantly nausea, my b___bs are huge - i have the slight cramping which is totaly normal - I have had mild cramps from about 4 weeks, but everythign is still fine. My one piece of advice is this - relax, and when you feel tired have a rest!


Lindsey - December 6

yay I'm now 13 weeks, I had my scan today and all was great, I've got a couple of piccies that now have pride of place in a frame on my fireplace, and I'm really starting to get excited about this pregnancy


Asa - December 6

Hi everyone, I had an ultrasound at 6 weeks where we did luckily get to see a heartbeat. But two days ago I started spotting, and now I'm of course concerened. Has anyone had a detected heartbeat and then miscarried?


Kim - December 6

Hi Asa: I know how scary that is! I just lost my second one after seeing a thumping healthy heartbeat at 9 weeks. So sad. But it is more likely that you will be fine after seeing that heartbeat than not - your risk drops from about 25% to about 10%. So that's good news! The odds are in your favor. Spotting happens in lots of healthy pregnancies, so try not to worry too much. Hang in there. xxoo


Shell - December 6

I spotted at 8 weeks and I have my first scan 2moro morning at 11 weeks. Fingers Xed for me. 2nd pregnancy and I had no spotting with the 1st so it was a shock.


Lindsey - December 7

I'm 13 weeks and i've spoted a few times, it normally happens at the time my period is due. If it is brown then it old blood, try not to worry but speak to your doctor fo rea__surance. good luck xx



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