LMP Is 6wks But Fetal Size Shows 4 Wks

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kitty - December 15

hi. i went in for another sonogram today and finally found the baby's heartbeat but the doctor is not positive at all because my last period was on oct 29, which makes me 6 weeks and some days pregnant but the fetus size is only of 4 weeks and 4 days. i had very slow rising hcg numbers in this pregnancy and my last pregnancy was a month before this which obviously didn't work out. well, for this one, the doctors have called me again after 10 days to check if the baby is growing properly or not which she doubts. i am scared. has anybody gone through this?


Well - December 15

You are six weeks pregnant from the first day of your last period, and your baby is only four weeks gestional. For two weeks that you are pregnant, you are not really pregnant. That's why you are counting at six weeks. I also don't know why in the world that your doctor would tell you that she doubts your pregnancy is going to grow properly. 4-6 weeks is wayyy to early for that and if I were you, I would get another doctor.


Carol - January 17

I'm going through the exact same thing right now. I'm curious as to how you're doing?


Caryn - January 17

Hi, i'm going through the exact same thing too. I had an us 2day, thought i was 6 weeks last sunday but us showed only 5 weeks and a few days, there was no heart beat which us doc said is normal at this point but my gp said i should have heart beat. there is a sack but nothing in it, this happened on my last preg which was a non viable twin pregnancy which i had a d&c b4 the i had the misscarriage and pregnancy b4 that i also lost with a horrible misscarriage again in hospital and a d&c. how do you stay positive when you have such bad luck - -how did your pregnancy turn out


Carol - January 18

Hi Caryn, I have my good days and bad days. I just try to tell myself that it's out of my hands and that I'm doing everything I can. I have to wait another week for another ultrasound. This waiting is the worst! It sounds to me like your dates aren't that bad I don't think a few days is a big deal but I can understand that given your previous experiences that you're worried. Hang in there and keep me posted.


kristenk0329 - January 19

Try not to stress just yet. Its way to early to tell what will happen. My LMP puts me at 8.5 weeks but my u/s put me at only 6.5 weeks. My doctor said it is perfectly normal to be off a few weeks, you could have had an irregular period at some point. He said 2 weeks is nothing to be concerned about and not to worry about fetal growth until a bit later in the game. Good luck.


Danielle19 - January 23

I had an u/s very early in preg. first u/s said i was 4 weeks ther ewas no hb and only a sac, went back 1.5 weeks later and u/s showed me at 7 weeks 6 dasy which i thought was right there was hb and everything u/s are not the accurate in early early pregnancy don't worry if you have no cramps or bleeding theres no cause for concern


snickelfritz - January 23

Wondering if you have an update to this... hope your follow up visit was positive!


Caryn - January 26

Hi everyone, not sure if anyone else has had probs signing in but this is the first time all week it is allowing me. Anyway my doctoe called me and said that it does not look good given my history and I have another us today at 3, if i have to have another d&c they are going to keep it this time and do tests on it, yuck but at least they might find out whats wrong. How are all you going?? I'll let you know monday what happened - wish me luck.


Lil Lady - January 29

My first pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage in "01". My LMP was mid Feb & in mid May I miscarried. So I expected myself to be at least 10-12 wks along. But when the technician did the u/s they saw an empty sac. And when the sac came out, there was no baby to be seen. They said it was choromosomal defect & that it looked to be only 4-6 wks gestational, but how could that be if it was 3 months since my LMP?! Has anyone ever been that far along but have them say your really weren't that far along & see nothing?! I'm 6 wks pregnant with my 3rd, so I'm nervous about years ago eventhough I have two healthy boys since that.


Heart - January 30

During my first pregnancy, I had my first u/s at 5 weeks. Everything was going well but I started spotting immediately after the u/s. The following week I had another u/s but only the sac could be seen and it had shrunk by a week in size. My doctor suggested we wait for 2 weeks before the next u/s in hope that there will be a fetal pole by then. Unfortunately, there was just a sac ... no fetal pole, yolk ... no baby. Waited for 2-3 more weeks only to be told that it was a blighted ovum. I had d&c on week 10. Almost a year has pa__sed and I'm now 11 weeks pregnant. I have a new doctor and he was quite surprised my previous doctor had waited so long before deciding on d&c. I pray to carry this baby full term as he/she will be our first.


kristenk0329 - January 31

I went to the ER last night becuase i was having some spotting. they did bloodwork and an u/s and said everyting looked fine. The doctor confirmed I wasnt bleeding now and it can be normal. The u/s confirmed there was growth since my last one, it measured correctly at 8.5 weeks, however, she told me the heartrate was 63bpm. From what someone told me on here, thats horribly low., Now why would the tech and doctor tell me it was a 'normal beat range' if its not?


snickelfritz - January 31

Kristen, perhaps they said 163 and you misheard it? THAT is a normal range.


kristenk0329 - January 31

thats what im hoping...id imagine if it was 63, that would have set off some alarms


Heart - January 31

Oh Caryn, I am very sorry to hear about your loss. I know it's hard to stay positive after the string of miscarriages you've been through but keep in mind that there IS hope. Now that you've been referred to the recurring miscarriage centre, lets pray that both your next pregnancy and baby will be normal and healthy.


vicrika - February 1

Is this very common? I went through the same thing I went to my frist sonogram was suppose to be 7 wks and 1 day. Baby looked more like 4 weeks maybe 5. I was horrified and shocked doctor said it was normal. And to "RELAX". Come back in two weeks and "TAKE YOUR PRENATALS"......... how can I relax.


Heart - February 1

Hi, Vicricka. While you'll hear of many cases of the sac measuring smaller than it should, I suppose the mere fact that doctors suggest waiting for 2 weeks before another u/s being done means that many result to positive pregnancies. Trust your doctor and try to relax. Let's hope everything turns out fine. You did mention "baby" ... do you mean sac with yolk, fetal pole, or baby with a heartbeat?



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