Look Quot Fat Quot In First Trimester

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starblue332 - May 11

Does anyone else look like they are "showing" in the first trimester even though it's too early too? Is it just bloating or what? I feel terrible with the way my tummy looks and this is my first baby and I am 7 weeks.


Steff - May 11

He Starblue. I am in the same boat as you! I am also 7 weeks and am starting to "look"pregnant. I think that it is just bloating personally. Congrats on your pregnancy! When are you due?


starblue332 - May 11

I am due around December 25th...what timing, huh? Glad to know that it is not just me that looks pregnant already..i do think that it is just bloating but it is so crazy!


Steff - May 11

I'm due the 27th :) I am pretty luck otherwise. I have no morning sickness or anything. I have pretty decent energy and I am not all that tired all the time. I do get nore frequent headaches but that's pretty much it. How are you feeling?


starblue332 - May 11

About the same! I get tired more than I used to, but it does not last all day and is usually after a large meal (like Thanksgiving but worse!) and by large I mean normal because I cannot eat as much food at one time anymore because I get full so fast! And I have been getting headaches a lot as well.


Chris23 - May 12

I haven't gained any pounds yet but I definately feel huge - gross in general really. I haven't really done much by way of working out since we started TTC and am waiting until my first appointment so that I can find out what is safe.


cangirl - May 12

i look like i am "showing' already at first i thought it was just in my head but when my pants started to tight around my belly i thought just maybe mind you first i Weighed myself but my weight was the same then i realize yep it's that Progesterone doin it wonders anyways i am due november 28 so i am 11 weeks hoping to have success and make it to 12 weeks with no prob


tndrlvn - May 13

hi everyone......I know how you all are feeling. I am 11 weeks.....i was a little chuby when i got pregnant but i could fit cloths.....well not so much anymore.....my a__s and hips are getting huge.....i'm starting to get a little depressed.....i know it is baby but still.....i have some mat pants.......that used to fit.......well i am already packin most away.....i'm not huge.....but omg I HAVE BOOTY. hahaha dh likes it....but it gets to ya for sure...my sister keeps tellin me suckin your gut......well you can suck in so far.....adn yes i have a gut...all lower abdomin.......but I know it is baby so i am trying hard to rea__sure myself.....that this is ok.....so yeah it can happen. heheheh good luck all and CONGRATS......almost 2 trimester.....I cant' wait........YEEEEEEEEEHAWWWWW


mandee25 - May 13

I am 13 weeks and feel like I just look fat. I am waiting to feel my stomach get hard instead of just *squishy* feeling. I have gained 16 lbs already but I am trying not to stress about it.


shesdymed - May 14

o please dont remind me. i havent gone to the doctors to see exactly how far along i am but i saw i'm about 5 weeks now from the calculation i did on the computer and im already gettina tinyyy tinyy bump. yea, i try to hide it lol, trying to stick my stomach in cause im gainin it all way too fast but theres nothin i can do about it now. everyone still notices no matter what i do :)


jasmin - May 14

hi I am about 5 weeks too but the way I look at it, so what..... the bump/huge tummy/getting fat and all the rest is all worth it and we should be happy to be in such a position that so many people wana be in.


kelley32 - May 14

Hi ... I am 9 weeks and my regular clothes have not fit me since 5 weeks, I've had to resort to early-mid term mat. jeans and jogging/track pants. I read in one of my pregnancy books that it's caused by bowel distention. I don't have that 'bump' yet, but I feel strange pressure when I push lightly around where my uterus it, so I guess that must be the start of the 'bump' ... but I do definitely feel fat and can't wait to feel that hard belly too.


Teen_Mommy - May 14

I know me too ....I am almost 5 weeks and I can't fit in my jeans anymore ...well I mean my jeans fit its just I can't b___ton them anymore I have turned to sport pants.


ninaatk - May 14

Hello! I'm 11 weeks, due December 5th and very clearly pregnant! people are already putting their hands on my belly and saying gushy stuff! Up untill 4 days ago the only stuff I could get down my throat was c___p and I was so tired that I havent exersized in 2 monthes. Its nice to be back to eating healthier things and hopefully back to a regular work out soon.


ninaatk - May 14

And Mandee25 dont worry about your weight gain, I too have gained a lot already I dont dare see how much though!!! just remember that when that baby comes out and it has 10 fingers and 10 toes nothing else matters! You will loose the weight after, especially if you b___st feed. I usually run but Like I said ive been way to tired! to modivate myself for when the baby is hear my husband bought me the running stoller I was looking at. Just find out what works for you! You'll be fine!


Momtobe - May 18

i am 11 weeks and due on dec 5th. I have no morning sickness and it makes me think if i am really pregnent. I really can't wait to hear heart beat. In my last visit doc try with her machine ( i was 9 weeks counting LMP) and she warned me that her machine might not pick up the heat beat. She said the next visit it will show up but i am really nevrous. Did anybody has this kind of experience? I had two visits and last two visit's doc took urine but she never let me know about my HCG lvl. Do you really have to ask for it?



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