Looking For A 4 Weeks 4 Days Buddy To Compare Notes

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D - May 4

email me at [email protected] and let's chat about it!


Chila - May 4

Hi D. I'm 4 weeks, 1 day prego today. I've just had mild cramping on/off, some nausea in the mornings, very sensitive to smell lately, sometimes my tummy feels like it's tightening in and out, do you feel that? Luckily, no vomitting so far (knock on wood). I'm so excited to be here with on the first trimester board! I can't wait to share all our experiences together!


anya - May 5

Hi D. I am 4w5d pregnant today. I am nauseau on/off, cramping most of the times, veins & sore b___sts, bad heart burn and headaches. Coming to food....nothing tastes good :(


D - May 5

Hey guys - I really have no symptoms except for slightly tender b___sts. I almost don't believe I am pregnant. I had another blood test today to see if my HCG levels went up. More news tomorrow I guess! Best of luck to you guys!


Chila - May 5

Hi gals, today is 4w2d, and I'm just now starting to have tender/sore b___bies. I told my DH, "don't even think about it".. hee hee.. I'm also very tired today... probably heading to bed shortly. Hope everyone is doing well!





Chila - May 7

Hi gals, today is 4wks 4days. Last night my DH took me to Olive Garden (Italian) for dinner to celebrate the pregnancy.. I took along the TUMS! Hee hee... I haven't had too many diarhea issues today just a lot of GAS. Poor DH, last night he was standing right behind me when I let out a big one.. didn't realize he was there.. ooopss.. Hee hee.. I told him it's for the baby.. so I had to do it. He just laughed and said, "good thing I wasn't going to light that candle next to you!" Well, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and Happy Mum's Day! We're finally in that holiday category! Yeehaw!!! Take Care and chat with you all soon


Chila (4wks 5 days) - May 8

Anyone have a lot of GAS this week? Man oh man.. I can't stop pa__sing gas and my poor DH.. he's wondering if he's going to have to hear/smell it for the next 8 months.. or after.. LOL... Are you guys keeping track of weight? I know it's still too early.. but I've noticed that I gained 3 lbs since Apr 5th! Maybe it's just me eating too many sweets and missing my workout last week. :-)


Amie - May 12

Hi, I'm 4 weeks and 2 days, I took have been very ga__sy and it feels like I have to swallow my stomach all the time! I been having lower back pain and menstrual cramps. Is any one else feeling this way too. Or feel very tender when you make love to your partner? Crackers might be a good Idea to purchase now in the begining. I feel like I can never eat enought. I'm so hungry all the time! My hubby was surprised at how much I could eat!



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