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SashaP - May 19

DD I hope you found your way to the first trimester board.


DB - May 19

hi there...found you...read my question about low beta at 13dpo..I dont feel like typing it again...what a day..how are you doing...


SashaP - May 20

I think your beta is fine. I used a first response hpt which picks up 15 and it took me 4 days to get a good one which was 19 dpiui. I think some people just start off slow. But you got a + the day after you had your implantation dip so I really don't think thats bad. Did you tell your Dr about the dip? I'm going to pick up my crib, changing table, mattress and bedding set tomorrow. Did I tell you about that? I don't think I did. It's a really nice set that a women only used a couple times for her daughter. I'm getting it for $315 I checked the prices and it's all worth over a $1000. Have you done the Chinese Gender predictor thing yet it's very interesting? How are you feeling? Belly rubs...


SashaP - May 20

I forgot. Whats your due date?


DB - May 20

no, what a deal!!! you really think it's ok??? It did get darker this morning..I just want this preg. to stick..all that waiting!! My due date is Jan 27th!! Winter baby!!! The chinese gender chart says BOY!! I know we'll have a boy...Dh's whole family is boys boys boys...


SashaP - May 20

Mine said Girl . I wonder if it's right thats all I have dreams about. I really don't care either way. The bedding set coming with it is for a girl. But I can always use it for the next one or give it away if I have a boy. I realized today I don't even know your real name. What is it anyway? I've gotta go I'm going to a wedding today. Belly rubs...


DB - May 20

hahaha...Dawn...sorry....I get so used to being DB/DD!!! Girl!! Yes, a healthy baby is all I want...


SashaP - May 20

Well I guess I'll call you Dawn for now on. I figured your name had to start with a D. Are you having any symptoms yet? They really start kicking in around 5 or 6 weeks.


DB - May 20

my b___bs are a bit sore...i've had more headaches than usual...That's about it now. I really don't "feel pregant"...I hope that's ok. How many weeks are you now?


SashaP - May 21

I'll be 8w on tuesday. Amazing how fast it goes by after you find unlike the 2ww. Are you crampy at all. Thats very normal if you are. I still am once in awhile.


DB - May 21

yes, I am crampy ..I was going to ask you about that..It's mild, but it makes me nervous, but then again everything makes me nervous now!!! 8w already, wow! That's awesome!!! We're planning on telling dh's parents on friday, I'm nervous about that...


SashaP - May 22

I wouldn't worry to much about the cramping. I had times where it felt like intense af cramps. I was cramped really bad for the first 6 weeks I'm finally getting a break. But If I get up to quickly then I still get them bad. But atleast it's not all the time like before. My inlaws were so nuts when they found out she couldn't stop crying it was just insane. I think I forgot to tell you that my in-laws drive me nuts. Very warped ideas about parenting. I hope you get along with your in-laws. Did you tell your parents yet? My parents knew before dh.


DB - May 22

Hey, well my beta is up to 146 today...so the doubling time is 1.18 days which is great...and my progesterone is up above 40, so I'm very happy about that!!!! I just told my Dad today. he is happy and dh's parent's are happy too. They wanted us to wait until I finished grad. school, but they are ok I guess. So, I go back for another beta on tuesday to make sure it still went up..


SashaP - May 23

Thats great Dawn! I told you everything was ok. When do you have your first u/s? I have another one today and then my appt with the intake nurse is tomorrow. I can't wait to see how the little bean is doing. Dh is coming with me so it's extra special he rarely ever goes to a Dr appt with me. He wants to see the heartbeat. I barely have to ask him before he says yes. Does your dh go? I'm sure he will he for the big things atleast. I don't want dh to go to all of mine though he might drive me nuts. I hope you have a good day. Belly rubs...


DB - May 23

Hey there. I haven't sceduled my first u/s yet...they want another beta on tuesday and then after that we will schedule an us, it will probably be the week after next. DH will come to that appt, but all the other one's i just get poked with a needle so he doesn't need to come to those. I must say, I am exhausted the last couple days. we went to a movie last night and I fell asleep...then at work around 3pm i just hit the wall. and I went shopping with my friend and the whole time I just wanted to leave to go sleep!!! I am going to take my prometrium and met. and probably fall asleep here pretty quickly!!!! did/do you feel that way???


SashaP - May 24

I fall asleep like it's nobodys business. I found out why though. I'm pg with twins a second baby decided to show up for this u/s. I'm so shocked I go back next week to make the twin is ok b/c he/she is developing a week and half behind the other one and dosen't have a heartbeat yet they said if it's viable it will def have one in a week. Baby A has a nice strong heartbeat though at 140bpm. Which was great to see. When I saw 2 sacs though I think my words what the hell is that, it was very clear on the u/s I was just so shocked since it wasn't there 2 weeks ago. How are you doing? I have another appt this morning I'll let you know how it goes tonight. Belly rubs....


SashaP - May 25

Sorry I didn't post last night. I lost both babies and was at the ER until midnight. Since it was twins I have to go have a d&c today to remove them because they will take to long to pa__s. I'm so upset and tired right now I'll post when I'm feeling better. Belly rubs..



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