Looking For February Buddies

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Q - May 31

Hi everyone - I am due Feb 2nd. I'm 4 weeks and 4 days along now, just counting to the 12th week when I can relax a bit more. Anyone else out there find out early too?


steph - May 31

hi q, I am also about 4-5 weeks pregnant and I found out 3 days before my expected period. I am a high risk pregnancy so i have already had 3 ultrasounds and 4 blood tests. I had an ectopic pregnancy last year so i am taking every precaution. I have had baaadd cramping, almost like contrations for the past week, but they seem to be getting better. The only thing that was bad was that my progesterone was only 13. My hcg levels are doubling though.. so that's good. I find out my results from my blood test tomorrow to make sure everything is increasing like it should.. I'll keep you informed. What symptoms have you been having? I have just been very tired, sore b___bs and nipples and a lil ga__sy and crampy...good luck with everything..talk to you later.


Bella - June 1

hey i'm 5 weeks my baby is due feb2nd, i'm so nervious this is my 1st been married for almost 6 months. Have u guys been having real bad cramps, gas, and nausuas?


jue - June 1

I am due from 30th jan to 7th feb, I am about 5 weeks, and have bad cramps in the stomach, headaches (only in the evenings), feel queezy, b___bs are HUGE (well dh is happy about that), tired, congested and basically feel like c___p, but very happy, this is my 3rd and we are hoping for a girl as I have 2 sons from my first marriage and so does my dh so we would love a little girl, (too many boy in our family my brother has 2 boys, dh's brother has 1 boy, dh's sis has 2 boys plus my 2 boys and dh's 2 boys I think it is time we had a girl) I m/c in dec 04 at 12 weeks and I will be taking it slow and cant wait to get to 13 weeks, I know the feeling steph, your happy about being pg but dread a repeat, well i see my dr this friday and hope this will go smoothly. will keep you up dated :)


steph - June 1

well i got my results back today.. my hcg was 2500 and progesterone was 17 i go in for my ultrasound tomorrow. good luck everyone


Jae - June 1

hi ladies, im due on feb 3rd... i am so excited as this is my second, i already have a 6 year old son.... i have been a bit nauseas and have tender b___sts but thats it really, im 4 weeks 6 days along and im going today for a blood test just to make everything official..... keep in touch..... and steph good luck with everything i hope all goes well for you


steph - June 2

hi everyone. Just giving everyone an update... I had a sonagram done today and everything looked good. They saw a sac with the yolk. I am 5w2d. and my Estimated due date is Feb. 2 How is everyone else doing?? Stay in touch :-)


Melissa - June 2

Just did my test yesterday. Would be expecting mi-february. I SO want to tell everyone, but my boyfriend is a little freeked out and want to wait. Hopefully, not three months. I am 26 year-old and from Canada, NB. I work as a Resident in psychology (psychologist in the making) in a Native Reserve. I work with kids and love it. I have been waiting to have children for three years. Why can`t I tell everyone???


steph - June 3

I was going to wait to tell people, but that didn't last long. I guess it depends on you. I told my friends and family already, it's hard not to. We have been trying for over 2 years and it finally happened. I am a high risk pregnancy so I have been monitored very closely over the past weeks and the dr. says I have a very strong pregnancy this time. So do what makes you happy.. you can't hide it for too long :-)


bella - June 3

hello ladies, hope everything is going well with you all. how long have you guys known ur preganant? i feel like i've known from day 1 cause i've been sick since a few days after my period and its just getting more intense. I'm nauseous all day and night and the cramps come and go all day and night as well. sometimes i can actually feel the utreus streching. It got real bad the other night and i was so scared cause i thought i was losing the baby but thank God nothing happend it went away after a few mins. does anyone have any tips for the nauseous and cramps?


Q - June 3

I am due feb 2, so I am exactly 5 weeks today. Only 7 more to got till this first trimester is done! I had a miscarriage in feb, so I am really really trying to hope this one progresses well. I found out early, I was only in my 3rd week when my hpt came back positive, so I went to the doc to confirm. I thought I wouldn't even be testing till today! So far, very few symptoms. Just exhausted and my mouth waters a lot. I have an ultrasound later this month, so I can't wait to see. and I have an embarrasing question - has anyone experienced really bad cramps after s_x??? my doc said it was probably just my 'cervix spasming' from irritation, but it scared the c___p out of us! Anyways, keep in touch!


Debbie - June 3

Hi there, I just found out I am due Feb 4th. Do you get slight cramping somethimes?


Melissa - June 3

I was driving to work today and has a small cramp, It pa__sed within a minute. It must be normal. By the way, I told my parents today!!!!! They are SO excited. I am also tired, but this is funny because I am a BIG SLEEPER (I mean used to go to bed at 8:30 or 9). People joke with me that I will go insain when I have children. Anyone have a boyfriend who got worried about $$$ right away?


Monica - June 3

My due is is also Feb.2, i'm really exacited but soooo emotional now !


Danielle - June 4

Hey ya'll, I'm due February 4th. I can hardly wait I am looking for someone to talk to because everyone in my family is so old they don't remember what it was like to be 4 weeks pregnant, so anybody in my shoes and wanna talk my email is [email protected], thanks :)


Melissa - June 4

Hey Monica. I am an emotional person, but think it is a little more... Anyone knows how to calculate my due date. Listen to this: Had my periods End of December, then Beginning of February(30 days), then Begenning of April (60 days)....then Pregnant. So, I am not sure what my cycle is. I did a test the 23 of May and it was negative, the 1 of June it was positive (55 days aftert period)...They say you calculate from your last period but it doesn`t seem right for me. I probably ovulated arround the 16-17 of May. Do you substract 14 days from then (if I had my periods every 30 days)...so that would make me 4 weeks?? Just read my question again. Kinda complicated hahhahha


Melissa - June 4

Was reading in the section: Food to avoid. I am french...what do they mean by Deli Meat, is it sandwich meat? What about Ceasar Salad Sauce??? I love Ceasar Salad...not sure I will be able to survive without ;)



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