Looking For First Trimester Buddy

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Sandra - April 7

I just found out I'm pregnant, estimated to be 4 weeks 5 days. Due date 10 Dec. I am looking to share the first trimester experience with someone(s). This is my 2nd pg, had a missed miscarriage last time. Don't feel pregnant at all, except for bad indigestion which I had last time as well.


C - April 7

Hi Sandra! Congrats to you....I am due Nov 11th...so far so good with me...just so tired and right now I have a sore throat!!


Sandra - April 7

Congrats to you too C! Is this your first pg? I am starting to get tired early in the evenings too.


KG - April 7

I am due November 23rd. The morning sickness (or all day sickness is a better term) has set in full force. I also have indigestion. At first I couldn't get enough sleep, now I have trouble sleeping. Hopefully the morning sickness will resolve after 12 weeks are up. It's hard to even come to work feeling like this. I had my 1st ultrasound this week. We got a heartbeat of 140 and were able to see the baby. It was so amazing hearing the hearbeat for the first time. I was only four weeks along also when I found out. It's really starting to seem real now.


MC - April 7

I am 4 wk 5 d as well!! My due date is of course Dec. 10 too! I have achy b___sts and queasiness in the mornings. I had two miscarriages before this pregnancy so I am as nervous as I can possibly be! I'll give you my email address if you want to keep in touch! :)


Karen - April 7

Just found out that I too am expecting. This is our first and a surprise for my husband and I... though exciting. Only real symptoms I have are extreme exhaustion and, of course, a positive pregnancy test x2. I am due (according to ym calculations) Dec 7.


KC - April 8

Congratulations! I'm having my 1st pg and will be due on the 4th Dec. Symptoms are not too bad, sore b___st & nipples, get tired early in the evenings too. :)


Sandra - April 8

Congratulations to all of you! I am feeling so different this pg than the last one. The last one I knew I was pregnant before I took the tests. I had very sore and swolen b___sts and nipples, bad constupation and indigestions at 4 weeks already. This time I wouldn't have known I'm pregnant if I didn't realise I missed my af! I still don't have any symptoms other than bloatedness, swollen nipples and a little bit of tiredness. My due date is only estimated until I go for an u/s in my (estimated) 7th week. I fell pregnant before having a period after my miscarriage in Feb. I am really looking forward to going for the u/s and hearing a heartbeat, since we never got one last time. I am really excited though, and trying to be positive that all will work out right this time. Only wish I didn't spend so much $$$ on tests, I took 4 because I was unsure as to whether it was just left over hormones from the m/c. Those companies must make a fortune, especially from ppl like me ;-)


C - April 8

Hi Sandra, this is my 4th pregnancy. I have 2 boys ages 9 and 7, and a 1 girl who's 2...this was not a planned pregnancy, but a gift none the less! I am almost 10 weeks and we have not told many people yet. I really can't wait to tell everyone but yet I am scared because so many people I am sure will make their comments. I got them on my 3rd pregnancy, some people think wow, when you have a family with more than 2 kids. I just have to come up with some good come backs....anyone got any?? lol


Sandra - April 9

Will tryto remember it when I hear some. Memory loss seems to be one of my symptoms...


Angela - April 9

Sandra, this is my first as well. I am 6 weeks in with hardly any symptoms as well. I have dull, abdominal cramping and tingly b___bs, but that's about it.


Andrea - April 9

Hi C. Congrats on your 4th pg!! People are never satisfied. It took my husband and I almost 10 years to concieve our first baby and people thought we didn't have kids because we didn't like them! So, if you don't have kids, something is wrong with you, and then if you have more than 2 kids, something is wrong with you.


C - April 9

Thanks Andrea - you know that is true. People seem to really judge and give unwanted advice nowadays. When are you due?


Lucy - April 9

C- You are right. The stories you hear on this website gives you all sorts of things to say to people who make rude comments. Like "Knowing how many people would love to have even one, we feel truly blessed" or "how lucky we feel that we're being entrusted with another wonderful blessing" or "Yes, isn't it a shame that people don't see pregnancy for the miracle it is, surprise or not". Maybe then they will be quiet. Believe me I understand, on Thanksgiving day, while I was miscarrying, I can't tell you how many folks said "so, when are you two going to have another baaabeeee?" , the same folks that asked for the first five years we were married and infertile. People don't think. Congrats lucky Mama!


Jessica - April 9

Hey Girls! Congratulations to all. I also had a missed miscarriage at 7 1/2 in January and am now 6 weeks pregnant with a due date of November 25th. I have gone to the doctor every week since I missed my period so that she could monitor my levels and progression. Last Tuesday, I saw the babies heartbeat which was amazing since I never saw the heartbeat the other time. I am a nervous wreck as I am sure the rest of you! Good luck and keep me posted!


Sandra - April 11

Well, some symptoms starting. Enlarged bbs and ad bloatedness. Sense of smell is just incredible as well! I got this last time as well, and contributed to my bad all day sicknedd last time. We were on holiday in Malaysia during my 1st trimester last time, and over there ppl cook on the streets and everyone sits outside enjoying dinner. Made me want to throw up everytime I went outside :-) I've got my first u/s scheduled for 21 Apr. Hoping it will be all good news!


CAW - April 11

congratulations to everyone. I have been through infertility treatments for approx 4 years. Gave up, and got pregnant on our own, had a miscarriage at 6 wks, conceived again last Aug, had a 2nd miscarriage at 9 wks. Should have delivered last month, instead, found out we were pregnant again! I am now 8 wks, with all the symptoms known to man. Will be going for my first ultrasound this week. Trying to keep positive, but, having alot of cramping and abdominal pain, no bleeding though. Is anyone else having pain/cramping??



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