Looking To Talk To Other 1st Time Moms To Be Due In Sept

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Hi, there...my name is Sarah...My husband and I are expecting our 1st Baby this September 23rd. We are very excited. I'm 29..and this is my first time being pregnant....Curious about my br___ts..they are so painfull & Growning..When do I have to worry about them leaking? Also, is it safe to mow the lawn when your pregnant? My mother comes to our home, and tells me all the things I CAN'T be doing...


tk07 - February 8

hi! i don't have any answers to your questions, but i am due September 25th! which is cool because it is my anniversary! i don't know why you couldn't cut gra__s unless because of fertilizer or gas fumes?? so you are in your 7th week right? i don't have many symptoms, mine seem to come and go. i got all worried and had a first u/s early and i saw the heartbeat!! it was cool, when is your first appt?



Hi There! Well my due date is September 23rd...I'm so excited it's also my Fathers b-day. My husband birthday is Sept 19th..and mine is Oct 5th...No matter how early or late this bay comes it's is sure to land near another special day. I don't have my first appointment with my doctors office until the beginning of March. So, I'm very excited! Is this going to be your first child?


chrissievan - February 10

Hi Sarah, I am due for baby #1 on Sept 12. I am 27 and this is my first time being pg as well. I have the b___b thing as well. They hurt and are so much bigger - it sucks cause I can't fit into any of my blouses. I have had really bad m/s as well. I don't know about the lawn thing - I have never heard that. My first ultrasound is Feb 19th so I am really excited and then I go into the drs a week after that. tk07 consider yourself lucky you don't have m/s - you don't want it!!!


Hailsa24 - February 10

Hello Ladies! I'm Hailey. I'm expecting my first on Sept. 14th :) I've had 2 appts. Just to meet the nurse/ and get a cervical exam. I go back Feb. 26 to hear the heartbeat for the first time!!! I've been horribly sick...all day. :( My b___bs also hurt really really bad!! Good luck ladies! HAPPY & HEALTHY 9 MOS!!!!


Peachtree - February 11

Hi Sarah- I'm due on Sept 10th, and this will be our first child too. I'm 30 (I had a miscarriage in Sept last year)...actually, now that I think about it, I'm due right around the time I miscarried last year...weird. My brithday is close to yours too! It's Oct 12th, and my mom's b-day is Sept 13th, and my father in laws is Sept 18th, and my neices in Sept 3rd...so either way this baby's birth should fall close to a special day too! My b___bs have been very sore. I'm wearing a sports bra to bed (not a really good one, just a light cotton one) because it hurt to much to roll over, and get up in the morning. It's helped a bit. And about mowing the lawn, if you mowed it before, I'm sure mowing it now will be ok. Maybe not once you're bigger, but for now it's ok I think. Best to ask your doctor though!


Cathy2 - February 11

Hey Sarah, I'm 29 also and this is my first...due on Sept 25th! My mother-in-laws birthday and week after mine....My b___bs have been in some serious pain now for about 2 weeks, but the pain is subsiding a bit. They are really changing shape though...the areola (what is that word again?) is getting bigger and there are all these little bumps around my nipples...normal apparently, but strange none the less...it's so crazy watching your body go through these changes for the first time : ) I ahve also had a tonne of cramping, some brown spotting and serious blaoting...but a good , healthy ultrasound last week with a strong heartbeat...so it's all good so far!


seven1002 - February 11

Hi everyone! We are expecting our first baby Sept 25th. It will be our one year wedding anniversary. I really can't believe how fast this is all happening. We were marred Sept 23rd and found out we were pregnant Jan 13th! I have had 2 ultrasonds. my first, they did not see anything, my second we saw the baby and heard the heartbeat. I was not as far along as the dr had thought. I have been sick ALL day long for the last 2 weeks. I have only physically been sick once, but nauseaus all day long! it has been horrible. Also, my b___st are beyond sore, I live in my sport bra and I am small but getting larger by the day. Is anyone else getting big fast? I thought I wouldn't be showing for a while, but I look like I am 3 months preg, I am only 8weeks tomorrow


ElizaMama - February 11

Hey ladies! I am 22 and due September 7th with my first. It is such nice timing, my birthday is September 25th, and my grandpa and uncle also have birthdays in September =) I am so excited for all of us! My tummy has grown a little, but not too much. I am nauseous almost all the time, but have only thrown up a few times. I am so ready to get to 13 weeks! =)


Megan P - February 12

My name is Megan. I'm due on Sept 10th. I'm going to be 31 in 3 weeks. I have my second doctor's appointment on Thursday, I'll be 10 weeks and 5 days. I hope they do another ultrasound so I can see it! My worst symptom right now is my super sensitive sense of smell. I can't sleep with my boyfriend or get near his breath whatsoever. It's a strain. Every scent makes me nauseous.



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