Lortab And Pregnancy

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Carey - September 3

I am 8 weeks pregnant and since last week I have been having awful migranes. My dr. prescribed Lortab. 2 pills every 4-6 hours. I cannot function with the headaches and nothing else seems to help. She thought I would probably quit having them after the 1st trimester. Is this medicine safe? Has anyone else taken anything like it early on? I am worried about birth defect but if I don't take it I can't eat, sleep etc.... Help I am really worried


Katherine - September 3

When I was pregnant with my 2 children my OB didn't want us to take any meds in the 1st trimester, then it was only like tylenol.I wouldn't take any prescription med. without an OB dr.oking it. The neural tube is forming and you don't want to mess that up. I have migranes as well so my sympathies. Hope the migrane goes away and that you find something your dr.approves of.


Darla - September 5

Hi Carey, Although I am in limbo on whether or not I'm pg right now. My OB just told me Tues. 8/30 that if I WAS pg. I could take Vicodin for my back(I had a car wreck in May) He said that narcotic perscriptions in general do not affect a fetus. I believe it is because they basically just go to the brain and tell it you aren't in pain instead of all out in your blood stream. Granted that is just my opinion, but my OB did just tell me this. If your Dr. perscribed something for you knowing you were pg, surely it would be ok. You need to do what you feel best about though. Best of Luck to you!!


alison - September 6

I know that the drs do have you and the baby in mind while prescribing, but they don't always have all the info. it is often trial and error and they know what is "bad" to take because people have paid the price by trying and having negative consiquences. the same being said they know what is ok by the same process, although baby development is a very intrecate process and just because things seemingly have no side effect, you never know what it may effect subtley. I personally would never take a narcotic, of course they go to your blood stream, how do you think blood tests are used to check for narcotic abuse, plus babies are born addicted to narcotics and they cause all sorts of major problens(simply do a google search of this!!) nor would I take anything that was not totally necessairy, which I know, is totally variable person to person, so I think you need to sit down and weigh the pros and cons and come up with what you feel to be right for your situation. I am personally weary of listening to any one person - even a dr- about such an important issue without questioning and finding my own information from many sources and coming to my own conclusion (I think this is exactly what you are doing). Yeah for independant investigation of personal truth!! what ever you come up with on this one may it be a thoroughly investigated decession.


Darla - September 6

Alison, you are so right. I'm reading back my post right now and I can only attribute my stupidity on the "bloodstream" bit, to the lateness of the hr. or earliness maybe I should say. Of course I know that narcotics go into your bloodstream. Anyway.....doing your own searching of info. and doing what you feel "comfortable" about is always best. Sorry, for the crazy post. What I said about my Dr. ok'ing Vicodin though was true. There is a site called safefetus.com that is informative as well because I did MY own searching of info too. Best wishes!!



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