Losing My Symptoms

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Hailsa24 - February 12

I am 9w3d and my br___ts are not as sore, and my morning sickness seems to be fading. I have had no spotting or cramping, and have been sick for the last 3 weeks. Is this normal or should I call my Dr.?


jen327 - February 12

Normal, my symptoms started to go away a little then too. Around 9-15 weeks your placenta takes over the hormone production which is why in the second trimester you feel better. My symptoms would go away for a few days and come back a few days later. If you are really worried you can call for rea__surance. That is what they are for. Good Luck.


lovestruckjsw - February 12

totally normal. I'm 13 weeks and most of my extreme symptoms subsided at about 9 weeks. You'll feel better and better the closer you get to the 2nd trimester.


Hailsa24 - February 12

Thank you so much ladies :) This is my first baby so i'm very worried about everything!!! I appreciate it so much!


debbie80 - February 12

Halisa- I know how you feel. I am currently 11.2 days prego and the majority of my symptoms have stopped right around 9 weeks or so. I am still very tired and I am so bloated its not even funny..I do get a little queasy every now and then but no more m/s!! I have never had sore b___bs or anything like that so I am not to sure what to expect in that department...lol I go for my 12 week scan on Thursday and I am praying that things are good in there. I have had two m/c already so you can see why I am a worry wart. I have heard the heart beat twice already..so that does give me hope.. hope you are doing well =)


ginger6363 - February 12

hey debbie, good luck on your scan this week. I have my 12 wk next week and I am stressing about it. I, too, have heard my baby's h/b twice (once at 7w3d and once at 9w1d) so I know I should be positive. How far along were you when you heard the h/bs?


lovestruckjsw - February 12

good luck ladies on your scans! I had my 12 week scan (last week of course lol) and I was really not that worried till I got in there and layed down and then right before she put it on my stomach I got terrified! All these thoughts of "what if she doesn't find it or what if there's no heartbeat" ran through my head. But thankfully almost immediately we saw the lil squirmer and it moved and jumped and put on a really fun show! So try to stay as calm as possible and enjoy seeing your lil baby. It's truly amazing =-)


tk07 - February 12

hi, mine went away about 7 weeks and i went to the Dr today and everything is great (now 8 wks) and my Dr said this is about the time when a lot of symptoms start to fade away. don't worry, but if you feel real concerned call the Dr.



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