Losing Weight

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Trisha - April 11

I am 13 weeks and until now my weight has not changed, but in 4 days I lost 4 lbs , Should I be gaining weight and not losing, Any Ideas thanks.


lisa - April 11

i lost weight as well this is my third pregnancy and have lost with all...i lost 3 pounds in a week from throwing up. i would not worry you will start to gain. good luck!


RG - April 11

Trisha...are you a small girl or large? I'm overweight and I've been loosing about 3 pounds a week....which is fine with me. I cannot eat much anymore but I haven't been sick, just not eating as much. As long as you're eating healthy, I wouldn't worry. They say in the beginning some people do loose weight and then gain later one. Good luck!


Trisha - April 11

Yeah I to am a bigger girl, I just got scared there for a bit, this is my 4th child but have never lost wieght before but yet i wasnt bigger then either. Thanks for the help


lilmum - April 11

My mother actually weighed three pounds less right before delievery with my younger sister than she did before she got pregnant (my sister an i were only 15 months apart). She was a bit bigger too. It's completely up to your body and as long as you and the baby are healthy, don't worry. Good luck and congrats.


Margaret Cabras - April 27

Congrats on the new baby. I know it must be exciting. I have to say during my pregnancy in the first two monhs I was doing fine gaining the weight. I weighed 151.Originally weighing 140. All of a sudden after my two months past I lost 15 pounds in two months. Is this normal? I can see how a few pounds can be okay but 15 seems a little much don't you think?


Margaret Cabras - April 27

I eat very healthy and could that be a reason as to why I haven't gained as much? I hope that by the end of my pregnancy that I at least gain something. This worries me a little my doctor said by this time I should be gaining a little bit of something, but I told him that I was still loosing? Is there anyone on here that has been threw this before sudden weight loss and its hard to gain weight back?



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