Loss Of Breast Tenderness

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Mary Ann - October 2

I am 5 weeks pregnant and have experienced a sudden loss of br___t tenderness. My br___ts were so incredibly sore and now they seem normal. I haven't had any cramping or bleeding,but I am so nervous that something is wrong. This is our first pregnancy. Has this ever happened to any one else...any thoughts? Thanks.


rosanna - November 14

hi mary ann i am also 5 wks i wouldn't worry everyone is different and i too have lost the sensation of sore b___sts


helga - November 16

there's a time in pregnancy where you stop feeling the early symptoms because you get used to them, but they're still there


amber - November 16

i am 30 weeks and 4 days, in the beginning of my pregnancy, i had b___st tenderness on and off. it is not uncommon... im sure all is fine... best wishes


Missy - November 19

Hi Im 8 weeks, and my b___sts were the sorest around weeks 4-5, Now they are still sore and full but not near as bad.


Jen - December 15

I am also 5 weeks and it seems like the tenderness is subsiding. Please let me know how everything is going.


nikki - December 16

I am 7.5 weeks with my 2nd and i have days when my b___sts are more sore than on other days. i agree with rosanna. everyone is different.


mishelle - December 21

In the same boat Marry Ann but I only had one b___b that was tender ? I asked the dr he told me wait it is only early (5 weeks). Gald to read every one is different. Keep smiling.


Beth - January 6

I am 5 weeks as well and I am so worried becuase I have also lost b___st tenderness. They were pretty sore about a week and half ago. For the past couple of days they aren't nearly as bad. This is my first child too and I am worried that something is wrong too. I've not had any bleeding or spotting. I have had some crampiness (nothing severe) and pulling on my sides, but I read that can be normal. My first apt. is not until Feb. 5th. PLease help me!!! Am I okay?


Jule - January 7

I am also 5 weeks pregnant and have suddenly lost the tender b___st symptom. I have had good rising HCG levels, and go back in today for another. I had a miscarriage back in June and am scared of it happening again.


ekay - January 7

I am 4 weeks pg and have NO b___st tenderness. Do you think this is normal. I had a m/c in July so I am a___lyzing everything right now.


== - January 9



jenn - January 9

b___st tenderness does come and go in alot of women. it does not mean that a miscarriage is comming. in fact, when I did have a m/c my b___st were sore that day and the day before.... don't worry ladies.


stacey - January 20

I am 7 weeks and felt (or not felt) the same thing. My b___sts started out sore, but then stopped. I also don't have many other symptoms except for being tired!


Hoping - January 21

I have missed my period by 2 days, my b___sts were so sore for the last 4 days - I have never had pain like that before - the pain kept me awake at night for two night but that pain has subsided although they are sore but not as sore. I have extra saliva and feel hungry alot. Pregnancy test was negative. Do you think I am pregnant? I really hope so.


Hoping - January 21

I forgot to mention that the day before my period was due I noticed some pink spotting when I wiped and also on the day I was due for my period


sarah - January 21

Mary I am 5 weeks and 4 days and my b___bs stopped hurting at 5 weeks and i didn't have any cramping. This is my 6th week and i have started to have cramping on and off. So don't wory. good Luck with ur pregnancy



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