Loss Of Breast Tenderness

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joey - January 22

aww best of luck jojobeanster and thanks so much for sharing that with us all. You've been through a lot... Prayers coming baby a's way x


Candykins - February 24

I too am just into the 5 week category.. By 1 day.. I have noticed that for the past 4 days my Breast tenderness has pretty much disappeared. I have had none at all for the past two days and then this morning I had no nausea... I also see a pattern here. :) I noticed to that I haven't had b___st tenderness in 4 days and for 3 days I was unable to swallow my prenatal vitamins.. Finally today (the 4th day) I managed to swallow half of one. I have been taking my vitamins for 2 months now and am thinking that's the cause of my lessened symptoms. Ladies- Try to remember not to stress. I got pregnant last February with our first only to miscarry in May. Every Pregnancy is different. I will come back and update everyone whether it be bad or good. Lets keep this thread going!!!! It's so beneficial!!!


margie - February 24

i posted on here february 2007 and i wanted to update this since ppl still have this question....i did end up miscarrying, i found out about a week after i posted this that the babys heart had stopped around the same time i stopped feeling symptoms. i also would like to though say that i got pregnant a month after i had the D&C and I also lost symptoms a couple of times but they would usually come back or change...I now have a beautiful baby girl that was born Dec 11th. So, yes, it is indeed possible that if this happens to you you could be having a miscarriage...however, it also means that you could just be experiencing a normal fluctuation in symptoms and unfortunately the only way of knowing is by ultrasound or HCG blood count.


llukenjess - February 25

Margie i am 10w today and the entire time i have been prego my b___sts have been so sore that i have difficulty putting and taking off my bra. even the water in the shower hitting them made me wanna cry, and i woke up the other day and they're only mildly tender now. only my nipples are very sore. today as the day goes on they keep getting more and more tender...


Candykins - February 25

Hey Ladies- Just wanted to come on and say after 4 days my b___st started feeling slightly tender last night with my nausea... This morning I woke up to extremely tender b___st, that are now later in the day dwindling down again. I have a Dr. appointment March 14th and will update everybody around then- good or bad. However, keep in mind that symptoms are never a good indicator of a healthy / non-healthy pregnancy... The only definite way to know is HCG count and ultrasounds. As margie said. P.s. Margie- thank you for updating us and congrats on your little one!


margie - February 25

llukenjess- its possible that is just normal fluctuation because when i was pregnant with Anjelica I also remember around 10w my symptoms began to lessen and i freaked out but no worries, it was just the normal hormone change that starts around the end of the first trimester as the placenta begins to take over. I should also mention to everyone before I freak you out about my miscarriage...I had spotting the whole time from the beginning of that pregnancy too so it was more than just symptoms leaving that were a sign, my babies ultrasound also from the beginning always showed him being a couple of weeks behind so I kinda knew something wasn't quite right from the beginning, the symptoms just stopped when the heart stopped beating...but the poor little peanut was sick from the beginning in my case im afraid...dont worry though llukenjess, im sure your baby is ok, you can always call your doctor and they should be able to listen to the heartbeat on a doppler by now just to ease your mind if you get too worried...but around 10 weeks thats pretty normal


margie - February 25

Candykins- thanks for the congrats, just wait until you girls have your LOs in your arms its an amazing feeling! Thanks for updating too, thats just how i would be with Anjelica the first trimester, the symptoms would lessen for a few days then be back with a vengeance...I totally just remembered that at 10 weeks I went into my doctors office bawling thinking for sure I was having another miscarriage because I didnt "feel" as pregnant, they sent me into an ultrasound and I saw my little sweetie waving her tiny little nubbin of an arm around saying hi to me and her heartbeat was like 170, so it is true that symptoms are not a great indicator


llukenjess - February 25

Margie, Thank you so much for the rea__surance. I was kind of getting worried. but didn't want to pysc myself out...phew! I have my us tomorrow so i'll let you know.


llukenjess - February 27

Margie so i had my u/s yesterday and everything was fine...saw the baby move and heard the heart beat! 174 bpm....10w2d feel like the time is going so fast!


margie - February 27

llukenjess- YaY!!! that is awesome, thank you so much for updating!!! its always great to hear some good news. oh and if you want to know my opinion...i think youre having a girl. i know a lot of people think that its not true about the heartbeat speed, but my mom had 7 kids and was right about the gender of all of them by that. with a quick little thumper like your LO one has, my guess is girl because thats what my little girls was around 10 weeks too. Im so happy you got to see your LO swimmin around in there, isnt that awesome? You will be AMAZED at the difference in the ultrasound by the next one, it will start looking like a baby instead of a little tadpole. enjoy pregnancy, theres so much fun ahead for you!!!


llukenjess - February 27

Margie, OH it feels SOOO good to know that everything is going well and the living being inside me is healthy! A girl uh? That's weird cuz my fiance and both my mother and step mother said the same thing....I hope it's a girl!! I"M SO EXCITED! this is my 2nd pregnancy first was a misscarry seems like this one is reaching full term!


margie - February 27

My first was miscarriage as well...I started spotting and cramping around 10 weeks and ultrasound showed the heart had stopped beating, I had to wait through the weekend to get a D&C done....heartbreaking beyond words as you know. But the second pregnancy brought me my beautiful Angel (her name is Anjelica but her nickname is Angel). I had some bad scares just like you the first trimester going in crying to the Dr's office so scared that something was wrong, but it was all in my head. Praying and faith got us through and it will get less scary later on...until you get to the end of the second trimester and third trimester where you start the whole worrying again "is she not moving as much today? is everything ok??" haha, the worry is beautiful because its all from such an intense love for another little person :-) You both are going to be fine, I am always around here on these boards so I'll have to keep in touch to see how things are going. I have a connection with women who are getting a second chance with pregnancy after miscarriage like I did. We hold pregnancy so sacred because we know how fragile this process can be.


sterph116 - March 11

Hello...I'm so glad I found this....it's definitely rea__suring! I'm 5 weeks pregnant with baby number three and I started spotting a bit last night (I was last week as well), and have lost all my b___st tenderness, just as of this morning. I went to the doctor for my third blood draw this afternoon to see if my numbers are continuing to rise. I'm not sure if everything will be ok this time or not but it's been great to read everyones responses here and see that I'm not alone. Thanks also Margie for coming back and giving an update! ~ Stephanie


sterph116 - March 21

I just wanted to give an update on my situation posted above. My b___st tenderness continued to come and go and then disappeared completely when I got the flu earlier this week. I ended up going for an ultrasound a couple of days ago, and despite still having almost no pregnancy symptoms, we saw a great little heartbeat! I'm about 6 and a half weeks now, and the b___st tenderness has come back again. Hopefully everything will continue smoothly....I have another ultrasound in 2 weeks so we'll see then!


jtray - March 28

i am thankful to be able to read all of your experiences. it reaasures me that i am not the only one reading into the loss of b___st tenderness. i am 5 weeks pregnant. i had a missed abortion in the summer which has made me super anxious. just to give y'all some back ground info. 3/20 i went to the ER with lower abdominal pain. i was concern of an ectopic pregancy. needless to say the ER doc was unable to rea__sure me of my concerns due to the fact that i am pretty early. 3/18 my hcg was 451 and 3/20 they went up to 1600. i had a followup appt with my ob/gyn on 3/25. i had my blood drawn the day prior and they were 6000. on 3/25 my ob did an u/s and was unable to determine if there was a true gesational sac in my uterus due to the fact that i was barely into my 5th week. i actually thought i was 5 1/2 weeks. anyhow i have a f/u the 4/2. last night i had a dream that i miscarried and woke up with no b___st tenderness. since 3/24 my b___st soreness was declining but today i didn't feel anything. as far as my other symptoms they subsided as well. i was having bad heart burn, gagging with brushing my teeth but no nausea and extreme thirst. i am going nuts over here and i am drivng my husband nuts as well due to me worrying ALL THE TIME! it's crazy how i pray for the symptoms of pregnancy, i just want some physical rea__surance that my little embryo is growing how it needs to be.


hoping... - March 28

Jtray - You sound exactly like me about a week and a half ago. I was in full b__wn panic mode due to the loss of tenderness that had been so apparent earlier. I too had miscarried recently and just felt doomed. Give it a few days and my guess is that it will come back a bit and that you will have new symptoms, headaches, full b__wn nausea etc. I was so frustrated that the symptoms weren't there and now I'm frustrated that they are! =) This site is very good for answering questions and the number of women with the same concern will hopefully make you at least a bit more rea__sured. Hand in there!



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