Loss Of Symptoms

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tbell - November 7

I am in my seventh week of pregnancy and feel as though I am losing my pregnancy symptoms. For the last two weeks, I had been having all the "usual" symptoms such as nausea, painful br___ts and fatigue. The las few days however, I have felt a whole lot better. My br___ts are even less tender. I haven't had any severe cramping or any sign of bleeding whatsoever but, I am worried I could have had a miscarriage. Is this something I should be worried about?


bubbasmom - November 7

It is normal for your symptoms to come and go. That said, I also get nervous when I have a day, let alone days, without symptoms. But, it really is normal. Call your doctor if you are worried. A good doctors office will let you come in.


jennifer_33106 - November 7

Like bubbsmom said Symptoms come and go with pgy. I am almost 25 weeks and still really dont feel different except for a bigger tummy and indigestion. haha If you start having cramping bleeding and pa__sing clots then you have something to worry about. But right now, dont. I know easier said then done. But you honestly have nothing to worry about at htis moment. :) Just feel lucky you feel good this week. haha


kay101 - November 7

I really only had morning sickness for about two weeks from about 6-8 weeks. I'm 10 weeks now and my appet_te is really picking back up and I just have an occasional gross feeling here and there. Symptoms often come and go, and will change. You have good and bad days so unless you have a reason to, try not to worry,


Jennifer31 - November 7

Good Evening Ladies--I just wanted to say this forum was an answer to my prayers--I miscarried in May and just recently found I was pregnant--well I am 10wks but I for some reason went from feeling soooooo sick and like the last couple of days I dont feel sick--Glad to know it is normal--


HeatherIsHopeful - November 8

wow, thank you for asking this question... you just eases the majority of my worries... I had the same symptoms as you, tbell, and now they are just GONE. I freaked out but couldn't find any info on it.. *takes a sigh of relief* at least now I can enjoy not throwing up lol. -Heather<3



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