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Lindsey - October 30

I'm 7 weeks today and I have lost my sickness sympton, I was either being sick or getting nausea at least twice a day I miscarried at 5 weeks on 2nd August, this is my 2nd pregnancy and of course i'm very scared that i will lose this one. Has anyone else lost their symptoms and gone on to be ok?


Laura - October 30

Well I had 3 days of m/s at around 8 weeks and then never got sick again and now im 14 weeks.


Lindsey - October 30

Thankyou. i think because i m/c last time, i am stressed and i seem to be trying to find the simpliest thing to convince mysef i am losing this one. I must try to relax.


Laura - October 30

I was exactly the same 2 years ago I had a m/c so this time round I couldnt stop stressing.


TM - October 30

I am 8 weeks pg, and i may go 2-3 days and have little to no nausea, then have it constantly for about a day. I noticed my nausea is worse when I have not ate enough or I have had a very busy day and I am tired. But on days I have rested and ate frequently, I may not have any nausea. I know how you feel though, you find yourself noticing every symptom, or lack there of, and wonder if it is normal. Good luck to you!


vicki - October 31

i lost my nausea and tender b___bs abruptly at 6 weeks and miscarried 3 1/2 weeks later. however plenty of people who miscarry have their symptoms all the way through so who knows! are you still having other symptoms like tender b___bs? please see your doctor and insist on a scan if it will make you rest easier. I should have done that sooner instead of a__suming everything was fine. my doctor and all of my friends told me not to worry, that every pregnancy is different - but ultimately you have to listen to your own body and investigate your fears. hopefully you're just being paranoid though! I'm sure i'll be a wreck if/when i get pregnant again!!!


Lindsey - October 31

I'm confused - i think i'm jut stressng because of my previous M/C. My symptoms have now returned, my b___bs are humungous and ache. Any tips on relaxing in the evening



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