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karenhills - November 29

i am 6 weeks and i keep feeling this vibrating feeling like someone is tickling me with a feather on the inside. anyone know what that is? Also I am heavyset and I was wondering what are some things i can do to remain active, I also wanted to know if somone is overweight when do you start showing? my tummy is firmer on top and normal on bottom. my husband said he can feel the firmness but not really hard just firmer. any suggestions.


ShoppingForTwo - November 29

I've felt that vibrating feeling once before. I have no idea what it is. It's way too soon to feel the baby so I really have no clue. My old boss was pregnant with my during my first pregnancy. I was due Oct. 5th and she was due Oct. 30th so we weren't that far apart. Well she was a bit overweight, (she is FIERCE though :)) and I swear I was sooooo big compared to her. I was growing really fast after I hit about 4 and a half months and she still looked excatly the same! All my co workers were convinced I was having twins! They would be like ohmigosh you've gotten so BIG! Are you sure you aren't having twins. And I was just like geesh, you saw me yesterday, I know I didn't grow that much overnight, STOP comparing us! Every woman is different!! Any who, I ended up quiting the job for other reason but I heard my boss finally started to look pregnant towards the end. She didn't gain much weight at all. LUCKY :)


ShoppingForTwo - November 29

The best of luck to you karenhills! I hope someone can answer your questions a little better than I did. :)


Jessicab3 - November 29

The tickling is probably just gas bubbles. I'm 10 weeks and am always feeling tweaks and tickles but I know its too early and my digestion has been off the wall crazy, so I"m sure thats all it is. As for when you show, from my experience the skinny ones always show earlier and at 6 weeks the uterus is still very low in the abdomen just above the pubic bone so you shouldn't be able to feel it. Exercising is defitately the way to go, my midwife even recommends it. If you can't find the time walking everyday at lunch time or after work helps too.



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