Lots Of New Moles

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Melanie21225 - February 25

Hi everyone! Im a 21/f .. 3 months pregnant with second child. :o) I had this problem last time, but I dont remember it being as bad ... over the last few wks, I have gotten so many new moles. Just small brown ones, none that are raised or seem of any concern. But I feel like my whole body is going to be full of moles soon!! Has anyone else experienced this??? I know it is common to get a few new ones during pregnancy due to hormones and all... Please help !! :)


joleenb - February 25

my cousin in ny had the same problem with her second pregnancy. i too am noticing a few new moles...i guess it just kinda comes with the territory?


MelanieC - March 5

i went to my first prenatal cla__s yesterday, and the nurse actually discussed this as being quite common, and that these moles/spots can appear anytime during your pregnancy and disappear just as quickly, during, or 2-3 weeks after you give birth, she said some women will get one mole, some will get lots more, and most will get none, but any new mole should be shown to your doctor on your next appointment, just to let him/her know of this, but is nothing to worry about and is quite common, i had never heard about this, but a lady who was taking the course with us said she had quite a few pop up in the last few weeks, and another lady said she had a single one, the size of a quarter, that came out in her 6w, and disappeared by the 15w... so i would not worry if i were you, apparently quite normal :D


llukenjess - March 5

I dont have moles....but i got ALOT of grey hairs...


mokanna - March 5

Yes!! This is my first pregnancy and I have one new mole on my face and it's a strange mole, it's actually raised a bit. It kind of concerns me so I'm going to have checked out next time I go in, I just want to make sure it's a new mole because I'm pregnant. I don't like it though. Mokanna


llukenjess - March 6

everyone got moles?? what about grey hairs??? i've gotten ALOT of those!



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